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When Health Meets Beauty

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There are many different causes of aging; one of the biggest is sun damage. The lack of a healthy lifestyle also plays a large role in premature aging. An increasing number of scientific articles are being published that show how regularly consuming unhealthy food can make people look older, pointing out that nutritional deficiencies may increase wrinkles. As more and more studies like these are coming out, the more evident it becomes that eating well, having a relaxed lifestyle, and avoiding stress as much as possible could be the key to antiaging. It helps to practice meditation, relaxation techniques, and to focus on contentment as much as possible in life.  

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Mitchell ShwartzDr. Mitchell Schwartz founded and currently operates the largest cosmetic dermatology practice in the state of Vermont. He has contributed to many published clinical studies and has been helping his patients look and feel their best for over 30 years. Through his consistent application of the latest technologies, Dr. Schwartz has earned a reputation as one of the best cosmetic dermatologists in the country. As a joint venture with his two sons, Daniel and Joseph, Dr. Schwartz founded ProCell Therapies where he continues to serve as the chief medical officer. 

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