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Menopausal Acne: A Transitional Enigma

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Acne is a skin condition predominantly experienced in adolescence; however, it may be observed in adult life especially during menopausal years. The etiology of menopausal acne includes many factors with a hormonal imbalance being key. Moreover, the onset of menopause displays biological changes within the entire endocrine system.

Menopause is a natural transition in life beginning between the ages of 35 to 55. Perimenopause is a phrase that begins several years before menopause and at a time when the ovaries slowly make less estrogen. It lasts until the ovaries stop releasing eggs moving into a phase of menopause. Postmenopause are the years after menopause. Many of the symptoms experienced during menopause cease. However, there may be other health risks related to the loss of estrogen as one gets older.



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Alexandria Zani




Alexandra J. Zani is an international educator, licensed instructor, speaker, author, and researcher in the professional skin care industry (medical and spa). Her career has included business ownership and management, consulting, product development, and author for textbooks and industry trade publications. Academic background includes cell biology and medical technology. Zani has received numerous advanced certifications, both in the Unites States and abroad, in the dermal sciences, spa therapies, microcurrent, LED, and non-ablative laser. Zani is on the Education Commission of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, is a member of NCEA (National Coalition of Estheticians, Associations and Distributors), and is certified in Oncology Esthetics® and the Pastiche Method™ of Skin Analysis. She presents education for advanced aesthetic technology and treatment and is a specialist in longevity, including the effects of nutrition, lifestyle, and the mind-body connection. Zani is the owner and director of AEsthani Skincare Institute, LLC in Greenville, South Carolina and is also co-founder of Intellective Aesthetics, dedicated to post-graduate aesthetics studies.


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