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Drew Coleman: DMK Family Man

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I have always had a strong work ethic. As a kid, my first job was a paper route from when I was eight to 13 years-old. My passion for work continued in high school and through graduate school. I enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and being able to support myself while helping others achieve their goals.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, it never occurred to me that I would move to California and become a part of the skin care industry, yet fate would have other plans. From childhood, I have always looked up to my uncle, Danné Montague-King, because he has always been his own unique man. He regularly reminds me of a family ski trip we went on when I was 13; I got lost in a snowstorm and the ski-patrol and sheriff’s department were all looking for me. I ended up being picked up by a snowplow a mile down the highway. We still laugh about it to this day. I think of it as his first memory of me as a young man charting my own path.

I respect the fact that he has dedicated his life to helping others, and his dedication motivates me; it is an honor to partner with someone I admire. He is the only person to be on the cover of DERMASCOPE magazine twice. He created and sold BioFreeze, which is an excellent example of entrepreneurship, creativity, and hard work. In 2001, I moved to southern California and started working in the DMK warehouse while attending university.

At first, I knew very little about skin care, but as I would fulfill orders and mix batches of the professional formulations and home prescriptives, I would get to know the raw materials and formulas over time. I also studied the training manuals, and this is when I first discovered the DMK Concept: Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain. The DMK Concept is the guiding principles for sustainable skin revision. Regardless of the skin condition that is observed, the DMK skin care professional can follow the concept that Danné pioneered back in the early 1970s.

My first experience with the DMK family was while I was studying in Europe; Danné connected me with the distributors in Finland, Russia, and the United Kingdom. I will never forget their kindness and how they treated me like family. Education comes from experience, and the time spent with each distributor had a lasting impact on how important our global DMK family continues to be.

After three years at DMK, I needed to prove to myself that I could build my own life. I was recruited into the banking industry, and I worked there for 10 years. This experience has proven invaluable. While working full-time, I put myself through night school and earned a master’s degree in business administration. I continued to follow the skin care industry very closely and would even consult Danné during those years. Not only did I build my own career, but I was lucky enough to work with entrepreneurs from several respected industries. From doctors and lawyers to manufacturers and distributors, I gained first-hand knowledge of working with diverse clients and industries.




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