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Genetic Hyperpigmentation: Spotting Pigmentation Disorders

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Hyperpigmentation disorders present as skin that is discolored, blotchy, darker, or lighter than normal – this happens when the body produces too little or too much melanin. These disorders can be localized or can diffusely spread about the entire body. The most common types of genetic hyperpigmentation are birthmarks, macular stains, port wine stains, albinism, piebaldism, and freckles. Not all genetic skin colorations will appear at birth – some, like freckles, appear with sun exposure, while others, like melasma, may appear during pregnancy and in middle-age.




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Dasha Saian




Dasha Saian Marchese is the co-founder and current CEO of Saian and has over 21 years of experience in the spa industry. In addition to her business and marketing degree, she is a licensed aesthetician, certified nutrition and wellness consultant, official ambassador of the Aesthetics International Association (AIA), and certified family herbalist. Marchese is on the Editorial Advisory Board of DERMASCOPE Magazine; she gives lectures and classes internationally and regularly contributes to global trade publications.

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