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Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

Written by   Ashley Stowers

Pregnancy is a magical time but with it comes much change to a woman’s lifestyle, including her skin care routine. Here are some tips on pregnancy-safe skin care.


Avoid the following ingredients because of potential risk: tetracycline, hydroquinone, retinoids, and salicylic acid.


Avoid irritating the skin and exacerbating problematic skin by not using a washcloth to clean your face.


Use a lightweight, non-fragrant moisturizer that provides all day hydration.


To help minimize potential stretch marks, use a baby-safe body butter or oil to massage over the belly.


Wash gently with an ultra-mild, soap-free, sulfate-free cleanser twice a day.


Avoid getting professional treatments such as Botox laser treatments.


Gently exfoliate two to three times a week with a product that contains a natural microbeadlet, like jojoba or Ecuadorian ivory palm seeds.


Use a hyaluronic acid serum daily to help relieve dryness or dehydration.


Use a physical sunscreen daily to shield skin from ultraviolet damage.


Lastly, help shield skin from damaging high energy visible light (HEV) with a product that contains Liposhield.




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