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Wednesday, 21 April 2021 09:21

Glow Getters: Incorporating Spray Tanning to a Spa Menu

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For those that like their skin to be a shade or two darker than their natural skin tone, they lay within the confines of a tanning bed or catching rays the old fashion way, which emits garnered ultraviolet rays directly ontounprotected skin.No matter the choice of which someone collects the high commodity of UVA and UVB rays, the intended goal remains the same – tanned skin.

Tanned skin, which was once thought of as taboo in the Victorian era, is now sought by those wanting to add more vibrance to their skin.Not only is vitamin D acquired through these ultraviolet rays but that little bit of melanin production increaseserotonin, creating a positive effect on a person’s mood.These organic changes that occur because of light emittance onto the body’s largest organ do have a downside – the elasticity and flaccidity of skin becoming compromised.  



One of the biggest skincare concerns for most people is laxity. Combining time with gravity and environmental variables will allow the outcome to be the loss of elasticity within the skin.The body loses its firm shape over time and ultraviolet rays are one of the biggest components that contribute to the breakdown of its elasticity. That is when spray tanning takes its spotlight in the menu of services.

As clients become more aware of the side effects ultraviolet rays have on their skin, they seek out alternatives to create a tanned appearance on their body and face. Throughout the years, many lotions and creams have been sold over-the-counter for self-application but even the most limber of acrobats have a hard timeapplying it evenly on thebody. Spray tanning assists those that are seeking an even, consistent tan without doing damage to their skin. Adding this particular service to the menu will target these mindful clients and will keep them coming back to maintain their tan.

Spray tanning is best received on dry, exfoliated skin. The particles from the spraying device adhere easier into the pores of the skin. Some spas couple a spray tan treatment with an exfoliation treatment by a practitioner. This combination enhances the experience, as well as prepares the skin for a better application.  

There are two forms of spray tans, oneis done manually by a provider holding a spray tanning device and uniformly applying it all over the body and face. The other form is done by a standing spray tanning machine that mechanically sprays pigment into the air where a person stands in different positions (hopingfor a consistent spray tan. The first form of spray tanning is catered to each individual’s bodyand the amount applied is tailored to those areas that have a tendency to need more application. The second form of spray tan is a one-tan-treats-all option.The downside is that there is no communication from the machine to spray a little more in a certain area, and they may miss areas entirely.

Choosing the spray tan application by a provider or a machinedepends on the costs that come with each device. It will cost more to have a provider on staff than for a machine to apply one on a client’s skinA more luxurious experience will always be the one-to-one contact with communicative provider catering to each individual’s needs. It is important to know that not all clients are satisfied with spray tans. Depending on their exposure to water and oil afterwards, the appearance of their tan may weaken.  



If a spray tan is done at an establishment that offers massages and facials, it should always be done after both services. Any residual massage oil needs to be washed off before applying the spray tan. If a spray tan is done prior to a massageor facial, the longevity of the spray tan will decrease and sometimes even remove much of the tan. Avoiding these booking errors will help make sure thetan has time to rest and settle into the pores of the skin. Also, a client who just received a spray tan should waita few hours before showering or bathing, as this will also increase the chances of the tanbeing removed from the skin.


Tanned skin is an adornment to the skin that clients desire but the value of compromising the skin’s integrity comes at a great cost. Adding spray tanning to a menu fulfills that desire and brings in revenuean establishment. It is the healthy alternative to getting showered by the sun or stepping into a tanning bed.



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