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As skin care professionals, we know the importance of skin exfoliation for healthy cell turnover, a refreshed and clear complexion, and better product absorption, but what about the methods of exfoliation? No one way of exfoliation is perfect for all skin types, but there are many possible alternatives that make it easy to find a method for every client! To make things as simple as possible – there are two…
Your clients may have outgrown Halloween, but do not let them outgrow masking as an ongoing skin regimen! Do them a big favor and advise them to get masked if they have not already started!
Due to the effects that sun damage has on clients, skin care professionals should all be experts on sunscreens. However, that has not been easy due to the confusing regulations and misinformation that surrounds this category. In this article, what is known about current sunscreens will be clarified along with information on how to safely advise clients about the many myths associated with this category of skin care.

Hair Removal Essentials

Written by Heather Fowler, L.E.
With advances in hair removal options and technology over the years, it is important for skin care professionals, new and seasoned, to understand the options available to clients inside and outside the treatment room, as well as how to market hair removal services year-round.
Throughout time, women have created homemade body creams to smooth, soften, and keep their bodies youthful. Commercialized body creams have only been in the marketplace for the past century. The plethora of options available can often be confusing to clients. As aestheticians, it is important that we educate ourselves in the treatment of body skin care as well. This highly-lucrative market is often overlooked by aestheticians. However, it is our…
As skin care professionals, we understand the importance of using a day and nighttime moisturizer as part of our regular skin care regimen. But how do we communicate the importance of using such products and their benefits to a client who is looking for a solution to improve the condition and overall health of their skin? How the message is communicated to a client depends primarily on product education and…

Those Eyes, Those Lips

Written by Michael Q. Pugliese, L.E.
The romance poets honored the parts of a face, saying “the eyes are windows of the soul” and “oh, lips, you the doors of breath…” It can also be said that these are parts of the face that we closely associate with conventional beauty. They are the images that linger when we remember our loved ones… his eyes, her smile, that look. The eyes in particular tell us so much.…
As skin care professionals, we all know what a dramatic difference using an amazing serum can make. It can take years off a client’s appearance, reduce fatigue, tighten pores, minimize rosacea, soothe dryness, reduce hyperpigmentation, and diminish wrinkles.
Do you have the tools and equipment you need to be the best aesthetics professional possible? Are you thinking of starting a practice or are you renovating or upgrading equipment any time soon? The task of building a practice does not have to be daunting. Equipment can make or break your job as an aesthetician. Whether you want a private practice as an aesthetician or work in a resort, day…

Body Care: Then and Now

Written by Rhonda Allison
Body contouring without the surgery – is it possible? Yes, with advancements in skin rejuvenation, there are a number of effective non-invasive alternatives to body contouring. It simply requires applying what we know to be effective in facial rejuvenation to the body.

The Multiple Benefits of Masks

Written by Alice Pichery
For centuries, muds, clays, milks, seaweed, and herbs have been used by Roman, Egyptian, and Asian civilizations as masks to maintain the beauty of the skin, treat its specific concerns, and protect it. The development of modern cosmetics incorporating the latest technology and scientific research has led to incredibly sensorial and effective facial treatment masks to deliver an infusion of active ingredients to the skin.

Exfoliants Get Down to Business

Written by Whitney Johnson
We live in a high-definition, Photoshopped world, where we are constantly bombarded with images of digital perfection. It is easy to become hypnotized and believe that our favorite celebrities have perfect skin, teeth, hair, and bodies. The truth is they do not. Whew! So how do skin care professionals deal with the clients who want to raise the bar on her their skin’s performance and appearance?
"Hair removal has become an art and a necessity for many women and men. It is no longer considered a seasonal service. It may still be a bit more popular in warm weather months and climates, yet it must be promoted throughout the calendar year. Whether you offer laser hair removal, sugar, threading services, or traditional wax hair removal services, it is extremely important to start marketing your hair removal…

Magic of Moisturizers

Written by Liga Upeslacis, M. Sc.
Barrier function can be weakened by three simple (but major) factors: dry skin/cracks, pH imbalance, and high water loss through the skin. Dry skin loses moisture through the epidermis and becomes weaker. If the barrier function of the skin is impaired, the body is vulnerable and the appearance of the skin is undesirable. Broken skin can be cracked, dry, rough, or a rash and this again compromises the barrier function…

The Evolution of Sunscreen

Written by Bella Schneider, P.M.E
Coco Chanel popularized tanning by visiting the south of France, only to return with a darker complexion. Before that, milky skin was the fashion. As aestheticians, our focus must be on the aging effects that the sun has on our clients’ skin. Today, we are using more aggressive products to exfoliate clients’ skin while working actively to help our clients with their anti-aging regimens. These regimens require extra sun protection…
Cosmetics have been an integral part of human cultures for thousands of years, but today the cosmetics industry rakes in over 50 billion dollars each year. The industry has undoubtedly come a long way from the copper and lead ore that the ancient Egyptians used to create the most primitive forms of makeup. Indeed, each year companies offer more scientifically advanced products due to developments in technology, ingredients, and formulas.…

Men’s Skin Care

Written by Rhonda Allison
It is no secret the men’s grooming market is rapidly gaining market share. Men are becoming savvy consumers of skin care, seeking ways to look and feel better. According to research, and countless predictions, this trend is only going to gain momentum. Many men are already steadfast to their brands, but others have yet to venture out beyond hygiene products and drugstore brands; therefore, opportunity abounds. It will prove essential…

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