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Written by   Erin Madigan-Fleck, N.M.D., C.D.T., L.E., co-owner of Intellective Aesthetic Advanced Esthetic Training and owner of Naturophoria

redness2Cherry angioma: common skin growth that can develop anywhere on the body for individuals 30 years and older. It may be caused by genetics, chemical exposure, excess estrogen, a vitamin C deficiency, or fatty liver tendencies.




Petechiae: occurs generally as a result of pinpoint bleeding beneath the skin. Causes include: trauma, sunburn, bacterial infections, excoriation, scurvy, injury, medications, and various autoimmune diseases.





redness3Malar rash: the hallmark, butterfly-shaped rash that accompanies acute, cutaneous lupus, and is very sensitive to light.







Spider angioma: a telangiectasis located slightly below the surface of the skin with a fixed central spot and trailing extensions radiating outwards, resembling the likeness of a spider’s web. It is present in 10 to 15 percent of healthy adults and children.






redness5Senile purpura: reddish-purple macule caused by bruising, medications, and sunlight. The surrounding skin is thin and has fragile blood vessels and reduced collagen.

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