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Consultative aesthetics is the process of learning a client’s needs, then meeting those needs with solutions that combine products and services. With many clients seeking aesthetic treatments in conjunction with medical prescriptions and procedures, the clinical aesthetic practitioner requires an understanding of cosmeceutical ingredients and prescriptive medications for successful treatment outcomes.

A licensed professional can treat skin in ways that do not require medication or surgery, and very often, it is the professional who is first presented with the most common skin conditions like melasma, rosacea, acne, and hyperpigmentation. A skin care specialist can assess skin but cannot diagnose a medical condition or recommend prescription medication. However, a professional can help develop a healthy skin care routine for any known skin condition, so it is vital to be familiar with prescription medications, indications, and contraindications for aesthetic treatments.

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Lyn RossMaster aesthetician, Lyn Ross founded Institut’ DERMed Spa, one of the most respected names in the skin care industry, in 1989. The Institut’ DERMed Spa is a 3,000-square-foot facility located in Atlanta, Georgia, with 11 treatment rooms offering the latest medical clinical aesthetic technologies to assure quality solutions that provide the ultimate relaxation and results for skin health and beauty. Ross was an originator of the cosmeceutical product and treatment concept Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin care, which is now widely dispensed in prestigious spas, medical spas, and physician’s offices. Ross founded the Institut’ DERMed college of Advanced Aesthetics in 1995, after years of providing client support for the medical community to teach professionals, nurses, and physicians the specialized skin care and makeup techniques she developed working side by side with doctors to help clients recover after surgery.

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