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LED for The Massage Therapist

Is Self-Care Selfish or Necessary?

Understanding Urticaria: Triggers, Causes, Types, and Variances

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August 2020

Best in the Biz

Anna Babinksa

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Celluma PRO


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UVBioTek, LLD POLY LED Light Therapy Device


Skin Care

Triumphing Trio: An Ageless Trinity Approach to Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Success at Her Fingertips: Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO of Repêchage

Ultimate Understanding: Skin pH, The Microbiome, and Barrier Function for Skin Health

Head to Toe: Taking Control of the Aging Body


Round 2: Brand Conditioning

Multiplying Profit$ through Custom Skin Care

Retention Marketing: Focus on the Clients You Have, Not the Ones (You Think) You Need

Relationship Marketing 1, 2, 3! Client Attraction, Retention, and Upsells


Finding a Network: Aesthetician Self-Care Through Support

Making Time: The Aesthetician’s Need for Self-Care

Maintaining Mental Wellness on the Road to Spa Business Recovery

Self-Care for the Aesthetician: Spa Services


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasties

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Parkinson’s Disease and the Skin

Observance of Wound Healing in the Aesthetic Setting

Hair Removal

A Lesson on Laser: Treating Hair Removal Clients with Fitzpatrick Skin Types Four Through Six

Wax Away! 4 Ways to Save Money and Reduce Cost

First is the Worst: Brazilian Waxing

Winners of the 2020 Aestheticians' Choice Awards