Janel Luu | Educator, Skin Care Researcher and Developer, International Newspaper Beauty Columnist

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Janel Luu's extensive background in cosmetic development has benefited many major brands for American, Asian, and European clients and has created the solid foundation of her own premium skin care brands. Luu’s innate love for formulating and her expertise in anti-aging cellular technology have also inspired her to teach more than 25,000 skin care professionals and physicians.

 “I have been in the aesthetics industry for over 30 years, holding various roles of product formulator, product developer, and educator. Some of the greatest pressures in my work is simply understanding people and trying to help them focus on their goals. Focusing on the big picture – the goals of the company – is paramount. One common goal is getting the consumer to visit the spa. Main3I think consumers visit a particular spa because they seek a unique experience, as well as treatment results. In addition, a personal relationship between the client and the aesthetician is also very important. This can separate the best establishments from the rest. Aestheticians should be paying attention to detail while working with the client.Main2 Also, by offering unique treatments – like gua sha and meridian points, for example – a client will fall in love with a certain spa. We use jade tools and volcanic cups to provide clients with a new, exotic experience. These treatments are a fusion of the East and West – and they provide excellent detoxifying and re-countouring results. The gua sha tools (called “wind” and “crown”) and the volcanic cups are an integral part of our treatment room. Clients are always intrigued by these tools and how effective they are in optimizing the results of facials. But no matter what tools are used in the treatment room, I continuously give this advice: Have a strong vision and a desire to be different. Do not follow the crowd; Instead, think outside the box and be a little radical! Life is an ongoing experiment, not a tally of successes and failures. I have always been very surprised that people do not embrace change. If a strategy does not work well, changes must take place in order to make progress. I embrace change by always trying to stay relevant in the industry. I do this by educating myself every day so that I can stay on the cutting edge of technology and ingredient innovation. I like to think outside of the box. I like being different and not fearful of change. I stubbornly strive to be better every day.”

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