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“Commenting on the company’s progress, Patrick Johnson, the CEO of BioPhotas and the inventor of the Celluma said, “From day one, the fundamental charter of BioPhotas has been to bring safe and effective light therapy to the masses.   As we expand our global footprint, the Celluma is now registered for sale in nearly 80 countries and clearly the market leader in the medical light therapy product category . . . not because we say so, but because the readers of professional journals around the world tell us that.” Patrick Johnson, CEO, President and Inventor of Celluma.


2019 was another banner year for BioPhotas and the Celluma SERIES of light therapy devices.  Opening a sales office in London, England, racking up another half dozen product of the year awards, triple-digit growth and the launch of the first “full-body” LED panel in the world are just a few of the company’s achievements for 2019.  


 To date our crowning achievement is the launch of the Celluma DELUX, a full-body LED panel that treats users from head to toe, carrying all the FDA and Medical CE mark indications-for-use earned by our flagship product, the Celluma PRO.   For several years, we considered developing a LED bed, but neither the size nor the cost of such a device made any sense to the company.   Aesthetic practitioners already have beds in their facilities.  What they really needed was an “LED blanket” that treats the full-body, stores away conveniently when not in use and sell for a fraction of the price of the LED beds on the market.  And this is what we have achieved with the Celluma DELUX.


 Looking forward to 2020, BioPhotas plans to continue its meteoric rise, with multiple clinical studies already in the process which are intended to support new clinical indications-for-use approvals.   From the treatment of failed breast augmentation procedures to treating diabetic ulcers and reducing the pain of peripheral neuropathy, the Celluma is truly becoming a whole-body, whole family wellness device.   Bill Gates is famously known for having predicted that one day there would be a personal computer in every home.   At BioPhotas, we feel the same way about light therapy…that someday, light therapy will be so well accepted into the mainstream, that everyone with be using it . . . just like personal computers.   




For more information visit celluma.com or call 714-978-0080.

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