Taking Action in 2020: Knowledge is Not Power

If we live in the information age, why is there a lack of knowledge? We literally have access to more data today than any other time in history, yet there is still a deficiency of wisdom and insight. Furthermore, many of us have believed the more we study, take classes, read books, seek knowledge, and get degrees or certifications, the more power we will have. If knowledge was power, then libraries would be the most power institutions in the world. Knowledge alone is not power – action is.



What is the best way to lose weight and get in shape? Move more and consume less. Everyone has this knowledge. Is this knowledge powerful? By knowing that if I move more and eat less, will I automatically get into shape? Until I put this knowledge into practice and act on my understanding, there is no power.


How does this relate to our businesses? There are over 300,000 results when you search business books on amazon. You could read your whole life on how to start a business, improve a business, hire and fire employees, and then become a millionaire. but at the end of the day it is up to you, as the entrepreneur to put these strategies to work. Maya Angelou said it best, “Nothing will work unless you do.”


What are some of the most powerful things as entrepreneurs we should be acting on in our businesses?



Put a reminder on your dashboard, mirror, computer, phone, and so on. Action is power. Your to-do lists and tasks are your power.



We’ve all heard we need to have a vision or mission statement but how do we take action on this? Write it down, communicate it with your staff, put in your e-mail signature, or share it on social media. Your vision and mission communicate your direction and how you add value to your clients and employees. It says, “This is who we are, and this is what we do.” Unless this is written down and shared your vision has no power.


Know and act on your strengths and weaknesses. Know what you are good and bad at. You cannot be good at everything. Furthermore, no one likes to do everything. When it comes to skill deficiency either: develop or delegate.


Early on, you will be doing most, if not, all the work. Eventually, you will need to hire and train staff. This is where policies and procedures become your friend. Policies and procedures are the action items that must get done in your business to deliver value to clients. Where to act – write down what you are good at. Write down what you are bad at or do not like doing. For your bad list either develop the skill or delegate to an outside source or employee. The difference of easy and hard is knowing and not knowing. Once you improve and gain experience in a skill it becomes easier and, in the future, you can train someone else to do that same skill.



Staying customer focused means putting the customer at the center of all business decisions. Simply ask, “How will this benefit my customers?” If it does not – then don’t do it. The action item becomes, “How am I communicating this benefit to my customers?” Maintaining a customer centric culture is up to the primary leader within each business. Ultimately, this is a part of the vision and mission of the business and the action items. The more we focus on helping clients the more the business will grow.



Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure. I am very passionate about business owners understanding how they make and spend money. Having power over your numbers is knowing and setting up your business to be financially sustainable. Understanding your numbers ranges from pricing, per treatment costs, working with a professional-only manufacturer, sales per appointment, rent, utilities, and so on. Where to act – perform a break-even analysis, calculate sales per hour need to be sustainable, and a monthly review of your profit and loss statement to see where revenue and expenses go.


Profit is the lifeblood of a business and just as humans cannot sustain life without blood, our businesses cannot sustain without profit. Knowing and acting on our numbers helps us keep tabs on our businesses pulse – the more we understand the numbers the more we understand the health of our business and can act on it.



If you lack the ability to hold yourself and others accountable, then act. Find a mentor or someone who has successfully run a business for 10 plus years to help. Tips on selecting a business coach.


If they were really successful running their businesses – why did they stop? Ask them to show you their financials when they ran their company. As the saying goes, ‘One cannot teach what they do not know…” There are several great resources available but remember they are selling their knowledge and what do we know about knowledge?


It is 2020 and there is more data available now than ever in the history of humankind. Our power as business owners does not increase with more access to the information or even the knowledge that can be gleaned from this data. The action items listed above give us insight into ways we can improve our businesses for our clients. But simply knowing these things means little because knowledge is not power but acting is.



2019 Drew Coleman





Drew Coleman is the vice president of education and sales for DMK International. His professional passion is to help business owners maximize their potential by benchmarking and identifying growth opportunities. Coleman’s 17-year career has been dedicated to helping businesses grow. He loves the aesthetics industry because of the passionate business owners he works with every day.

What Does Holistic Skin Correction Really Mean?

Western medical schools study cadavers, while Traditional Chinese Medicine studied and documented patterns of the human body for thousands of years while the bodies were still alive. They were able to establish patterns that continued to repeat in the human body, illnesses, and in nature.

Western medicine continues their dissection methods in an attempt at controlling symptoms. This is what’s known as allopathic medicine.



Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at any manifestation of symptoms, whether in the body or on the skin, as a warning or a sign that something is wrong – there is an out of balance in the body. The goal in Traditional Chinese Medicine is always to find balance and create harmony in the body, so the body can restore optimal function. This philosophy is what holistic truly means, it gets to the bottom of the symptoms and the reason why the body responded in a particular manner.


Our body communicates with us 24/7. When something is wrong, it starts with a whisper. Say we eat a meal that doesn’t agree with us, perhaps we experience bloating or gas. If we continue eating meals that our body doesn’t like, we may notice changes in our complexion, our skin may become dry, or our digestion might slow down. Then one morning in the mirror, we notice a line or pigment spot that we swear wasn’t there before going to bed. How can this be? There is a reason.


Continue ignoring the communication further, the body will respond with screams as loud as a toddler’s temper tantrum. It’s going to get our attention one way or another.


The root cause doesn’t have to start with a bad meal. It can start with negative thoughts or emotions. Since Traditional Chinese Medicine knows every emotion is tied to an organ and body system, it makes sense when the body creates a rash, mark, or wrinkle in a certain area of the skin, and this makes no sense to the western world.



Let’s look at emotions in a different way for a second. If a person experiences sadness, it shows on their face and internal changes happen in the body. The face may look heavier, the skin might get flaky, and lines can develop around the eyes and on the lower portion of the face.


Emotions can affect digestion, sleep patterns, and it lowers the immune system dramatically. If the sadness isn’t resolved it can turn to deep grief. Lines on the face become deeper, longer, and appear in additional areas of the face. Skin conditions, such as eczema can develop, where western medicine would attempt to control the symptoms. Western aesthetics would either spot treat the area affected or be unsure of how to treat it.


Traditional Chinese Medicine and aestheticians who are trained in the philosophies and strategies look at manifestations as clues. An in-depth consultation including medical history, food energetics (completely different than nutrition), water in-take, ingredient energetics (completely different than ingredient benefits), sleep patterns, medicine, supplements, emotions, environment, and lifestyle must be discussed to determine the most appropriate, customized treatment protocol to balance the disharmony. This is holistic skin correction.


Neuroscientists have recently discovered that the skin secretes hormones, including cortisol and estrogen. The skin has the same stress axis as found in the central nervous system called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. They have also discovered that unresolved emotions will manifest on the skin; something Traditional Chinese Medicine has known for thousands of years.



These discoveries clearly show aestheticians and emotions play a much larger role in the overall health of their clientele than previously thought.


The world of aesthetics is quickly evolving as holistic and wellness-based treatments are becoming more popular. There are 120 skin types recognized by Chinese medicine, while aesthetics schools teach five skin types. The days of the one size fits all facial is becoming a thing of the past.


Holistic aesthetics goes much deeper than simply using organic products. The way a practitioner uses those products and equipment is more important, than what is offered on a holistic service menu. In fact, holistic skin correction is possible to achieve, even without the use of a single product or modality. Molding and sculpting the face takes on an artform, similarly, to working with clay. Facial features change based on epigenetics – they don’t always remain the same as we age. During a consultation done in a specific manner, fine lines can disappear right before your eyes, skin tone can change, and features often change their shape and size – it seems almost magical. This is the art of aesthetics.





Michelle Valeri, licensed aesthetician is the founder of Holistic Dermal Professionals, advanced training for Estheticians in Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies and strategies and as it relates to an aesthetics practice. She has a successful holistic skin correction practice, MV Skin Consulting located in McKinney, Texas. She is a licensed aesthetician and skin health expert in Eastern philosophy. She has trained privately with three Chinese masters and has a proficient knowledge of eastern philosophical strategies to bring the body back to balance. She brings over two decades of natural healing, product development, and formal education to her skin care practice. Back in the 1990s she developed a product line that cleared acne and reversed wrinkles.

Magic Mushrooms: How to Include Mushrooms in Your Practice

Mushrooms are part of the fungi family. They have been used for health and beauty applications by different cultures for thousands of years. Today, scientific data proves that certain mushrooms provide a host of skin restoring benefits.


Edible mushrooms are healthy fungi that can meet many of our skin care needs naturally. Certain types offer multiple benefits, including antiaging, detoxifying, hydrating, and brightening effects. They also help restore sun-damaged, dry, and wrinkled skin with powerful blends of antioxidants, vitamins, and polysaccharides. Many mushrooms can also heal and calm acne and rosacea-prone complexions with anti-inflammatory nutrients.


Some mushrooms offer superior skin hydrating properties, due to high concentrations of ceremides and polysaccharides, which help it to retain moisture. This may be hard to believe, but studies demonstrate that the Tremella mushroom (also known as the snow mushroom, golden jelly fungus, or yellow trembler), which is commonly used in traditional Chinese dishes, has comparable or even better water holding capacities than hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a component of human skin which diminishes as we age, has been called the “youth molecule.”



As we grow older, our skin cells also naturally accumulate toxins, which often leads to premature aging and inflammatory conditions like acne and rosacea. Mushrooms have ability to purify skin cells by stimulating superoxide dismutase production. This enzyme plays a key role in cellular detoxification. It helps to slow the aging process as well.


Even mushrooms found in grocery stores like portobello (agaricus bisporus), shiitake (lentinus edodes), and oyster (pleurotus species citrinopileatus), help to reduce free radical damage with powerful antioxidants, which can also heal and hydrate the skin. For example, the familiar portobello mushroom, in addition to antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, also helps improve hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin content and inhibiting tyrosinase activity (melanin production).


Most edible and medicinal mushrooms have high concentrations of anti-inflammatory nutrients like phenolic and indolic compounds, mycosteroids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. As we know, inflammation is a natural response of the immune system to stress related to physical, chemical, and pathogenic skin damage.


Mushrooms are rich in beta-glucans which have the ability to modulate the immune function. They help to rejuvenate and firm the skin by stimulating cellular regeneration. They also have the ability to reduce oversensitivity.



Most edible mushrooms like truffles and morels contain high concentrations of vitamins D and B, which are known to support the skin and improve elasticity. Truffles are a wonderful, but pricey source of essential amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, and B3, as well as polysaccharides like lentinan and eritadentin and skin moisturizing and protecting ceremides.


The maitake mushroom (grifola frondosa) helps reduce wrinkles and firms the skin by stimulating collagen production. I often perform face and neck massages using sliced, organically grown, raw maitake and oyster mushrooms during a facial. This procedure gently exfoliates, hydrates, and visibly brightens the skin. It works well for clients with rosacea, and for those with even the most sensitive skin.



Ganoderma lucidum or reishi mushroom grows on trees and is a part of the ganoderma group of fungi. Reishi has been called mushroom of immortality for its powerful antiaging properties. Reishi extract supports sensitive skin and helps skin become more resilient. It contains ganoderic acid, which offers skin restoring and antioxidant nutrients, as well as triterpenes, a steroid-like molecules that inhibit the release of histamine — which help to decrease inflammatory skin reactions. It is a good source of vitamin D2 and skin firming trace minerals, like copper and selenium, as well as amino acids leucine and lysine.


Another magnificent tree mushroom is chaga. It grows on white birch trees in northern countries. Extracts of chaga have been used for centuries for their powerful healing, antiaging, and anti-inflammatory properties. The chaga mushroom contains over 200 phytonutrients, polysaccharides, betulin, triterpenes, vitamins K, D2, B1, B2, B3, essential minerals, ionized trace minerals, and amino acids. It can stimulate self-repair, as well as balance mechanisms in the skin.


At your spa, you can incorporate fresh tea, or a decoction made from reishi or chaga mushrooms into face masks and warm compresses. Doing this will benefit any complexion. You can also create face masks from scratch by mixing dry powdered mushrooms into a natural base.


Clients will love the results they get from a truffle infused oil face massage. Make tea from dry morels or soak them in warm water until they start looking like small, soft sponges. Then, use them for a face-hydrating and a polishing mushroom treatment.




Elina Fedotova



Elina Fedotova is the formulator and CEO of Elina Organics, an award winning cosmetic chemist, and aesthetician. She hand makes her professional skin care line in her laboratory using holistic principles and organic ingredients from around the world. In 2007, she founded the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners (AHSCP); a nonprofit organization that provides ongoing training and education for professionals.

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Known for her magic hands, Lisa Schwartz is the proud owner of In the Clouds Day Spa located in the heart of Davie, Florida. With over 15 years’ experience in the skin care industry, she caters to her clients’ specific needs, making every client feel special with her personal touch, and offering a wide range of medical aesthetic treatments. Schwartz is meticulous, creates a boutique experience, and feels excitement for every client she delivers results to. She is best known for her custom skin care cocktails, combinations of treatments to deliver maximum results, and her ability to create a true experience of being in the clouds.

Claudio DiFiore – Co-Founder

DiFore has had over 30 years of successful experience, in both Europe and the United States, in skin care and the retail industry. 


Marc Rosengarten – Co-Founder

Rosengarten has had over 35 years of successful business, retail, and skin care experience.  Having had bad skin through his 20s, his passion to achieve perfectly balanced skin took him from a pre-medical and chemistry major at the University of California at Los Angeles to a career in skin care with a business degree in tout.

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Webinar: Non-Invasive Technologies that Work for Everyone: Microcurrent, RF, LED, & Cryotherapy



Joanna Vargas is a celebrity facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salons and Skin Care. 

Vargas is focused on one thing – beautiful skin. Combining her commitment to plant-based ingredients and her passion for science, her nature-meets-technology approach has made her one of the most sought-out aestheticians and experts in the beauty industry today.



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How Blogging Can Grow Your Books is a webinar that will focus on helping skin care professionals build an online presence to increase their business. Learn how education and virtually engaging with potential clients will fill your schedule while attracting the right clientele.



Marie is a licensed medical aesthetician and certified laser technician in Scottsdale, AZ.  She has been in the industry for over 15 years and has had the privilege of working for some of the top board certified plastic surgeons in the valley. Specializing in a wide range of skin care treatments and lasers to treat acne, rosacea, winkles, dry skin, oily skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma and hair removal. 


Currently Marie works alongside Dr. Robert Cohen and his team at Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery. As a team their mission is to help patients achieve the look that represents the best version of themselves, emphasizing health and beauty through safe and effective procedures. 


In addition, Marie is the author of a beauty blog: www.marieskincare.blog. There she shares the essentials of skin care and reviews some of the top products and beauty trends. You can also follow Marie on her Instagram page where she educates her followers on all the most up to date treatments and skin care products: @marieskincare



Webinar: Utilizing Social Media to Connect with Clients

This webinar will go over the importance of maintaining client relations during COVID-19. Boda will go in-depth on how to utilize social media to build brand awareness and connect virtually with clients in a meaningful and impactful way. 


Savanna Boda, better known as The Dallas Aesthetician, is a medical aesthetician who focuses on ethical and results driven aesthetics. She has trained under Dallas’ Top plastic surgeons and dermatologists prior to opening her own practice. Boda’s approach combines holistic therapies with medical aesthetics to create an all-inclusive experience. Her teachings include the importance of internal health and external practices to achieve healthy skin. She has spent countless hours curating the most effective treatments by using top of the line products and innovative technologies.



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