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Dragon’s Blood: A Cosmetic Ingredient Setting the Industry on Fire

Written by   Janel Luu, CEO and formulator of Le Mieux Cosmetics

What do a fire-breathing dragon and an antiaging moisturizer have in common? Nothing, actually.


Dragon’s blood is a hot, new ingredient flying into skin care products, but it has absolutely nothing to do with dragons swooping across the sky. In fact, dragon’s blood does not come from an animal at all. This fantastical name describes the deep, reddish sap resembling blood that drips down the scaly bark of the croton lechleri, an exotic tree located deep in the jungles of Peru.


Aptly named after dragons for its awe-inspiring protective and regenerative qualities, this ingredient was used as a remedy in South American folk medicine – a type of “second skin” used externally to accelerate wound healing and taken internally for protecting the stomach lining when treating stomach ulcers.



Now, dragon’s blood is perched on skin care laboratory shelves as it joins the ranks of snail mucus, donkey’s milk, bee venom, and other unusual skin care ingredients. Due to its proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and wound-healing benefits, dragon’s blood is a powerful ingredient in topical treatments for sensitive, dry, irritated, or cracked skin. In skin care formulations, dragon’s blood tips the scales in minimizing skin irritation and redness, encouraging the early phases of cell renewal, and protecting skin from environmental aggressors.



Even though dragon’s blood is derived from simple tree sap, its chemical components are very active. For example, dragon’s blood is rich in taspine, which has been shown to enhance wound healing while protecting against damage from ultraviolet rays, electronic magnetic output from technology devices, and daily pollution.


Dragon’s blood is also packed with proanthocyanidins, which have antioxidant properties that are even more potent than several forms of vitamin C and vitamin E used in skin care formulations. These organic chemicals scavenge free radicals, encourage stronger, denser collagen fibers, airbrush away lines and wrinkles, and accelerate skin renewal.



Snake venom, fish scales, bird nests, and shark oil are all strange skin care ingredients vaporized in comparison to the allure of the mighty dragon’s blood. Watch for this trending ingredient in face creams, serums, mists, and masks – it may well become legendary.

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