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Diatomaceous Earth

Written by   Cole Patterson, L.E., owner of Cole Skincare for Men

Diatomaceous earth can be found in household products, toothpaste, insecticides, and beauty products. According to Web MD, “Diatomaceous earth is used to brush teeth or remove unwanted dead skin cells.” Similar to pumice powder, diatomaceous, granular powder can act as an exfoliator when used on the face and can be used as a mask because of its high porosity, drying like clay to tighten and firm the skin. Both filtered and food-grade diatomaceous earth are beneficial in many ways; however, although food-grade diatomaceous earth is safe to consume, inhaling it may cause lung issues according to some studies. Still, this does not negate the fact that diatomaceous earth is one of the most important natural elements that serves multiple benefits and a magnitude of healing properties.


Diatomaceous earth is a made up of earth’s crust rocks, sand, and clays. It is a versatile substance that is used as a pesticide and as a natural detoxifier. It naturally reacts to oxygen or water, forming silicon dioxide. Diatomaceous earth is used externally to eliminate bugs, head lice, and ticks by causing insects to dry out and die. Food-grade diatomaceous earth can be used both externally and internally for the skin and body. One may ask, “how can the same deadly substance be beneficial to humans?” Diatomaceous earth’s major component is silicon, containing about 80% silica, a natural colorless mineral, 2% alumina, diatom, fossilized algae, and iron dioxide. Food-grade diatomaceous earth has liver cleansing properties and is broken down to a colloidal form into the blood stream. It also aids the digestive system when used internally to cleanse the blood.


As a natural detoxifier, diatomaceous earth can be beneficial to the skin by fighting free radicals. According to Web MD, diatomaceous earth can be used as a facial mask to firm the skin. It also helps boost collagen to prevent wrinkles, promoting healthy skin. Silica has the ability to form collagen to repair loose skin when used directly on the face.




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