HydraFacial Answers the Call to Aid in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Written by Hydrafacial

The HydraFacial Company is a leading aesthetic device manufacturer, pioneering hydradermabrasion with both HydraFacial and Perk products. The company, based in Southern California, has truly become a powerhouse over the past two years as it has more than doubled in size.


 During this time of shelter-in-place, with almost all of the spas offering HydraFacials closed for business, The HydraFacial Company has pivoted its focus to offer its infrastructure, workforce, and distribution prowess to small business who are on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19 and helping promote the health and wellness of medical providers and their patients.



HydraFacial is selling and distributing washable masks made of CuTec material (which is a proprietary copper fiber known to have powerful antimicrobial properties). This medical mask is intended for those working in healthcare, public safety, and emergency personnel environments. They are not N95 masks but are appropriate for people who are not able to self-isolate currently.



 HydraFacial’s engineers and regulatory team are working with a local Long Beach, California company to build ventilators to  aid in the shortage throughout the United Sates. HydraFacial is also using extra space in their warehouse to help house and develop these life-saving devices.



 HydraFacial’s customer support staff has partnered with a telemedicine company to answer the influx of incoming calls they are receiving with everyone staying at home and trying not to make office visits.

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