Base Beauty Creative Agency Announces Expansion in Leadership and Business Development Teams to Support Agency Growth

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Base Beauty Creative Agency, the New York digital marketing agency is pleased to announce the appointment of two new key hires: Erica Feldman as Business Development Manager, and Tina Falco as Director of Program Success. BBCA is projected to double its revenue this year and these two positions are pivotal for the continued success of the 17-year-old business and will be key to its growth.

Erica is a seasoned media professional with a passion for propelling client growth in the beauty, personal care, and wellness sectors. In her role as Business Development Manager, she will play an integral part in driving agency revenue, winning new clients and work, and ensuring the agency’s points of difference are in the forefront. Erica orchestrates strategic initiatives to align with larger business goals and actively seeks out target brands where BBCA’s capabilities can create a transformative impact. Before joining BBCA, Erica held roles at top digital publishing platforms and media agencies, including Conde Nast, Bustle, Vice Media Group, and Kyra. With a proven track record in the digital media landscape, Erica brings a unique blend of creativity, strategic insight, and industry expertise to her role at BBCA. She is dedicated to leveraging emerging trends and technologies to help brands thrive in today's competitive market.

Tina is a seasoned marketing professional with vast experience with beauty brands. As BBCA’s Director of Program Success, Tina will play a vital role in driving the success of programs by focusing on customer satisfaction, effective program management, stakeholder engagement, problem-solving, data analysis, continuous improvement, and accountability. Her efforts will contribute to achieving program objectives, delivering value to stakeholders, and ultimately driving organizational success. Prior to her role at BBCA, Tina grew her client service and integrated marketing expertise at Saatchi & Saatchi and Zimmerman and Ogilvy. In her most recent role as Executive Director, Global Marketing and Creative Operations at Estee Lauder, Tina successfully launched the Lab Series for Men brand creating a global program that was disruptive, ownable, scalable, and adaptable. Tina has led Global 360 campaign projects and processes for Creative & Marketing teams and is highly regarded by her clients for balancing business goals and performance while delivering best-in-class creative.

With the expanded leadership team at the helm, BBCA is poised to accelerate agency growth and continue delivering exceptional results for clients. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.
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