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The Couple’s Guide to Waxing Before the Honeymoon

Written by   Caroline Surprenant, marketing associate at CONAIR
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Waxing for the first time is no walk in the park. Honeymoon memories haunted by flashbacks of painful chafing, bumps, or ingrown hairs can be avoided with a little planning.

When a couple decides to wax, especially if it is the first time for either one of them, the first service should be scheduled at least six to eight weeks before the honeymoon. This early appointment will give the couple enough time to get at least two waxes before the honeymoon.

According to experienced waxing clients and professionals, the first wax is the worst. After that, the next wax is a breeze; there is less pain and redness because the new growth is finer and sparser.

Preparing for the First Time
The couple should do some research if they do not have a trusted hair removal professional. Helpful tips include reading reviews and asking friends. They should also have a consultation before the first treatment, especially if they are anxious! The professional should put the client at ease and help them feel safe and confident about their decision.

They should also plan to exfoliate and moisturize. The week before the service should be full of pampering. Use a quality salt or sugar scrub, loofah, dry brush, or sonic body brush to exfoliate the area that is going to be waxed. The client should proceed to moisturize immediately after exfoliating. On the day of the service, skip the pampering and simply shower.male

The couple should also avoid trimming. If they have not shaved or trimmed in a while, they should let the professional do it for them. Paying the extra amount will ensure that they do not risk trimming
too much.

The couple should not drink alcohol or take aspirin or NSAIDS before the service. These blood thinners can cause the client to bruise or redden more easily. If the client is concerned about pain, they can use a topical lidocaine to take the edge off.

If they are both having Brazilian waxes, advise them to skip the physical fun for at least 24 hours after the service (this resting period includes the gym and the hot tub). They can take this time to enjoy a celebration dinner and some tender, loving care and recover.

Do not forget to remind the couple to keep an eye out for bad reactions. If a negative reaction is going to occur, it will probably be soon after the service. They should watch for continued redness, bumps, bruising, or chafing. Choosing a good waxing professional can eliminate the possibility of most of these reactions; however, allergies, sensitive skin, and after-care are out of the professional’s control. It is not uncommon for a first wax to cause mild irritation, especially if the hair was very dense or deeply rooted. Clients can use calming or anti-itch cream until the irritation subsides. When the hair begins to grow back, start exfoliating and moisturizing again. When most of the hair is at least a quarter inch long, it is time to wax again.

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