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July 2013

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Juggling the necessities of a personal life and a career is an unending test. We deal with so many things on a day-to-day basis: advancing in our career; developing our relationship with our significant other; catching up with friends; raising our children; helping our elderly; constantly growing, whether physically, spiritually or mentally; dabbling in a hobby; tackling the household chores; and keeping up with the Jones'. It is called the "work-life balance" and can seem like a fairy tale to many people.

When Googling the phrase work-life balance, search results pulled up phrases like elusive, impossible goals, demanding, and constant battle. Why do they all seem so negative? Balance is a positive thing that can create joy and success. But when I started reading more about the phrase, I found the writers wrote about the uphill battle of balance…. The main theme throughout all of the websites I visited was to help the reader understand that while it may be a constant battle to balance work and personal time, it is how we successfully manage this time that counts. We should learn to feel fulfilled managing both the career and family, instead of feeling like one is lacking more than the other.
For myself, my priorities can become a little disproportionate as I manage a professional skin care magazine along with personally owning my own business – definitely heavy on the work side. While during the week I work a minimum of 13 hours a day, I treasure my weekends and savor them to level out my life. I give myself things to even out the scales. Book club with the girls, date nights with my husband, pool time for myself, and fort building with my youngest usually balance my schedule. While I love my work life, I know that too much of something is never healthy. Our bodies and minds can only handle so much, sooner or later burning out if pushed too hard for too long.
The work-life balance is said to fluctuate during different stages in our life, pushing or pulling on the career versus personal time. Therefore a college graduate undoubtedly has different goals as opposed to a retired grandparent. This seems appropriate, as each person goes through periods in life demanding different priorities. The point is not to tell you which is more important, but to find the balance that is right for you.
An easy way to apply a little balance in your life is to spend some time in nature. Going on a walk with your dog, enjoying a picnic in the park, or relaxing in a hammock in your backyard can give you a feeling of peace and rejuvenation. On the other hand, many people find exercises like yoga perfect outlets for balancing life. Even an at-home mani/pedi night can do the trick. All of these examples not only give time to your personal life, but can keep you feeling refreshed and restored. The key to this is knowing yourself…. Knowing what will help you de-stress versus adding something to your to-do list that will just bring on additional stress.
So this summer, take time to balance out your work-life scale. Lighten the load on whichever side is heavier and treasure the time you have. Just a small change can make all the difference.


Amanda Strunk Miller


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