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The year 2015 has officially arrived! As with each New Year, it brings new challenges and new opportunities. This, of course, provides an excellent time to contemplate the potential to reorganize, improve, or otherwise advance our careers, personal goals, or growth in general. This is evidenced by the surge of gym memberships sold in January, the majority of which will not continue commitment past March.

My parents have an inconspicuous wall in their home where the grandchildren love to go stand. There, they often get my father to mark their growing height with a pencil. They excitedly compare themselves to their sibling, as well as their last mark he made. I remember him doing this with me and my brother. We were always excited to see our growth from year to year and even compare it to national averages for progress.
This simple illustration of documenting a growth cycle can be analogous to any personal or professional growth experience. Beginning with a strategy and measurement, we can easily chart forward movement or growth and calculate the outcomes periodically (or any time you go to your grandfather’s house). Interestingly enough, most failure to follow through is a simple case of documentation. When people keep good intentions in their mind, they easily get distracted by habits and demands. When we document and our goals and measure progress, we come face to face with opportunity and priorities regularly. Whether we want to increase a spa menu to meet client demands, develop better communication skills, or further our ingredient knowledge – documenting our progress increases our focus and awareness… and therefore, our potential.
I am energized by the growth DERMASCOPE has scheduled for 2015 – including developments with AIA, our online Community, the TRENDS Makeup Conference, and our annual Products & Education Guide. As always, we will remain focused on bringing you news, developments, and the educational content you rely on to help you grow your career and your business. Watch for a few surprises leading up to our 40th anniversary celebration in 2015.
Happy New Year from everyone at DERMASCOPE Magazine. It is our wish that this year brings the convictions and resources to pursue the growth you seek… and determination to document your progress.



Amanda Strunk Miller
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