Seasons of Change

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If I had to pick one word to describe this time of year it would be “change.” From trees empty of leaves, to falling snow, to “ringing out the old” with the New Year, change is eminent in this period between one year and the next.


While change can often be a good thing, for some it can also be hard to accept. This is even true in the world of skin care! As new ingredients or procedures are researched and discovered, it is important for skin care professionals to stay up-to-date and aware of any advancements. One of my foremost goals with DERMASCOPE is to provide our readers with the most current and relevant information available to the aesthetics industry, thereby assisting the professional in gaining an accurate understanding of their profession, their customers, and their potential.


Throughout this issue or any other, in our library archive and online at, we provide our audience with articles authored by experts in the skin care industry. From discussing scientific advances in ingredients, both old and new, to the most practical ways to market a spa or deal with better business practices, each article gives an in-depth view of the author’s knowledge on the topic in skin care.


amanda6It is my hope that all of the educational content provided by DERMASCOPE will inspire you to sign up for new post-graduate or continuing education classes, research a new ingredient you heard about, attend an upcoming aesthetics tradeshow, or even restructure your current treatment menu. After all, changes come no matter where you go – it’s just up to you on how you embrace the changes!

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