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A Step-by-Step: Dark Spot Correcting Treatment

Written by   Katherine Tomasso, L.E., C.M.T.

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common skin conditions and often one of the most difficult to correct. Having and setting proper expectations and expressing the importance of consistency with professional treatments and a homecare regimen is the key to successfully treating dark spots and maintaining results.

There are several key factors that play a vital role in addressing hyperpigmentation, including precaution, prevention, patience, persistence, and diligence. A golden rule in skin care is that the more the client prevents and protects their skin early on, the less correction they will have to do later.

Sun avoidance is the most important precaution that can be taken in the prevention of dark spots. Avoid intense ultraviolet exposure during the peak hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., seek shade if sun exposure is unavoidable, and cover the face by wearing hats and sunglasses or seek shelter under an umbrella. Completely avoiding ultraviolet exposure is impossible, therefore, utilizing a broad spectrum SPF on a daily basis is vital in preventing dark spots and controlling melanin synthesis. Vigilance and diligence about daily sun protection are essential parts of any hyperpigmentation program; without daily SPF, clients cannot prevent, control, or correct dark

1. Begin the treatment with an aromatic introduction of an essential oil blend by applying a few drops onto the hands and rubbing them together for absorption. Hold the hands above the client's face and instruct them to take three deep breaths. The professional should then place their hands on the client's shoulders and perform alternating pressures downward to initiate relaxation. Introduce touch and perform a tactile skin analysis by gliding the hands across the décolleté, cheeks, nose, and forehead.

2. Remove the client's makeup and cleanse their skin with a milk cleanser emulsified with water. Rinse and remove the cleanser with a warm towel compress. Perform a second cleanse by repeating this step.

3. Perform a hydrating and brightening soft peel by evenly applying one teaspoon of an exfoliating gel peel to the client's décolleté, neck, and face. Remove the peel by sweeping the hands across the client's décolleté, neck, cheeks, and forehead using very light pressure. Continue to gently roll peelings off of the skin until the peelings cease. Using a lightly dampened aesthetic wipe, remove any remaining residue.

4. Cover the client's eyes with dampened eye pads and, using a Lucas Champonniere, atomize the essential oil blend, diluted with water, to 12 volts onto the client's décolleté, neck, and face. Gently massage the blend into the skin until it is fully penetrated. An optional LED treatment may be performed at this time for 15 minutes.

5. Apply a brightening peel to the client's décolleté, neck, and face with a facial brush, avoiding the eye and lip areas. Using the brush, perform effleurage movements until four minutes have been reached for both the application and manipulation. At this time, do not rinse off the peel. Repeat the application and manipulation of the peel for another four minutes. For resistant dark spots, work in the peel with effleurage movements using cotton-tipped applicators. Rinse and remove the peel thoroughly with water.

six6. Mix three-quarters of a teaspoon of a vitamin C-rich cream with one-quarter of a teaspoon of a clarifying cream and smooth the mixture onto the client's décolleté, neck, and face. Perform a 10 minute massage, penetrating the cream mixture into the skin.

7. Mix two teaspoons of a clay mask with one teaspoon of the clarifying cream and three teaspoons of water. Apply this mixture to the client's neck and face and then apply a compress moistened in water or the essential oil blend (diluted) on top of the mask by smoothing it onto the face. Rinse and remove the mask after 20 minutes.

8. During the masking process, give the client a brightening hand treatment. Perform a hand freshening with an aesthetic wipe dampened with the essential oil blend. Apply a concentrated dark spot cream or gel with a cotton-tipped applicator to dark spots on the back of the client's hand and apply a brightening and protective cream to their entire hand. Repeat this process on the opposite hand.

9. Apply three to four pumps of a lotion with essential oils onto the client's décolleté, neck, and face and allow it to penetrate their skin.

10. Apply the brightening cream to their décolleté, neck, and face, followed by an application of a product with SPF 25 or higher.

11. Conclude the treatment with an aromatic awakening. Massage half of a teaspoon of an essential oil-based body firming cream into the hands and hold them above the elevenclient's face while instructing them to take three deep breaths. The professional should then place their hands onto the client's shoulders and smooth them across the client's décolleté and shoulders and down the client's arms. Ask the client to lift their arms above their head and grasp onto the professional's arms. Instruct the client to point their toes while their arms are gently being held and slowly assist the client in a body stretch. Place their hands onto their stomach and assist them to a seated position.

12. Invite the client to the consultation area and start the consultative retail process.

KatherineTomassoKatherine Tomasso has spent over 20 years in the skin care and wellness industry. She brings a unique and innovative perspective and enjoys being part of the ever-changing face of the spa industry. As National Director of Education for YON-KA® Paris, Tomasso's responsibilities include the development and implementation of YON-KA's national educational programs. Tomasso has had a number of articles published in notable cosmetic and related prestige publications and is a frequent writer, collaborator, and lecturer within the industry.

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