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10 Things About...Cellulite

Written by Jeri Ross, M.P.H.
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There is no magic cure or quick fix for cellulite. Clients would like to get rid of the lumpy, bumpy appearance of cellulite with minimal time and effort, however, smoothing out the dimples is best achieved by adhering to a three-pronged plan of professional spa treatments, homecare products, and a healthy lifestyle regimen. Professionals should educate themselves about the causes of cellulite and the most effective solutions for prevention, reduction, and maintenance in order to position themselves as an expert that clients can trust.

 21.  Explain to clients that cellulite forms in the subcutaneous layers of the skin due to dehydration, swelling of fat cells caused by hormone fluctuations, and chronic inflammation that stiffens collagen fibers. Estrogen causes subcutaneous fat cells to swell, cutting off circulation, which produces an inflammatory response within the skin. Hardened, unhealthy collagen fibers pull down on the skin, creating dimples. Increased circulation and collagen restoration is key to preventing and reducing the appearance of cellulite.


2.  Many topical cellulite products do not deliver results simply because the product cannot penetrate the skin. Look for spa and homecare products with a liposome delivery
3 system, which encapsulates active ingredients microscopically, allowing the product's active ingredients to penetrate transdermally where cellulite forms.


3.  Stress can cause cellulite! Cortisol – the stress hormone – triggers fat storage, which has been shown to disrupt circulation. Stress-reducing strategies, such as
yoga, walking, and meditation, can be suggested to clients. These activities also serve to increase nutrient-rich blood flow to the skin and encourage healthy circulation.


44.  Maintaining healthy, firm skin keeps cellulite from being as visible. Advise clients to avoid known skin enemies, such as alcohol; sugar; fatty, processed foods; smoking; sun; and excessive salt. To stay hydrated and healthy, clients can enjoy a refreshing blend of 'spa water' while at home. Offer them a recipe card that teaches them how to make infused water by adding in their favorite berries and herbs. Fruits provide natural, refreshing sweetness without the risk of age-accelerating glycation caused by sugar.


5.  Engage clients in an interactive dialogue about their body image concerns; lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and stress levels; and their treatment expectations. 5Many clients are very self-conscious about having cellulite and could benefit from having a safe, confidential conversation that may help them not only have an improved relationship with their body, but also promote better treatment compliance.


66.  As people age, their skin begins to sag as elasticity and firmness are lost. The tighter the skin, the smoother it looks. When clients go to the spa for firming body care treatments, such as wraps or peels, be sure to use products that contain ingredients like glycolic acid and peptides that build skin-strengthening collagen and regenerate skin texture.


77.  Although a tan can help conceal the appearance of cellulite, the sun's ultraviolet rays break down collagen and elastin beneath the skin, making cellulite worse. Instruct clients to apply a broad-spectrum SPF daily on the face and all exposed areas of the body. Recommend spray tans or self-tanner as safe, sunless alternatives.


8.  Caffeine is a standard ingredient known for increasing circulation, but also look for products that contain the potent active niacin. Niacin is a powerful vasodilator that creates an immediate rosy flush and a feeling of warmth upon application. Aside from treating cellulite, niacin improves skin health through effectively stimulating lymphatic flow, flushing away toxins and excess water.



9.  One very popular professional treatment that effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite is LPG Endermologie. This non-invasive mechanical device increases circulation, improves collagen and elastin production, and stimulates fat burning (lypolysis). Most clients need at least six sessions, which costs $75 to $150 each. To maintain results between treatments, clients go home with professional-quality topical cellulite products to apply daily.


910.  Radio frequency is perfect for clients who want optimal skin rejuvenation to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The radiofrequency energy or light energy heats the deeper skin layers during the treatment to boost collagen. Combination packages of LPG Endermologie and radio frequency treatments in clients with cellulite achieves excellent results after one treatment. One treatment costs approximately $300 or, for best results, recommend a series of six for around $1,495.





Jeri Ross, MPH, is a licensed health educator with more than 25 years of experience working in public health. She formulated Institut' DERMed's world-renowned CelluliteRx® products
and is a recognized speaker, trainer, and advocate for women's health and wellness.



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