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On the flip side, the ultrasound skin machine is a substantiated, scientifically proven, safe, non-invasive micro-device for the superficial rejuvenation of the face and other regions of the body. Ultrasound is a simple, three-stage system (cavitation, sonophoresis, micro-amp) for a safer mechanical exfoliation - using water, sonophoresis for molecular product penetration, and healing micro-amp therapy. The ultrasonic system utilizes a flat, non-toxic metal blade that…
THE EVALUATION With the client at the epicenter, an aesthetician's job is to become a super sleuth. The body communicates all of its needs; we simply have to be astute enough to listen. The skin evaluation is a narrowing process. As you classify a client's skin type, condition, and consider age, internal issues, emotional state, and lifestyle, you're narrowing down the field so the treatment…
This past decade has seen an enormous surge in popularity of skin brightening products formulated specifically to treat hyperpigmentation and increase skin luminosity. While traditionally these products were popular in Asian-Pacific and African communities, the demand for brightening products appears to be gaining across the globe. Currently, the Asian market leads the world in the number of products on the market to treat pigmentation issues;…
When a client visits you, it's important to consider all that you see and do not see. While skin evaluation is essential, the value of this information-gathering process is largely missed. The fact is that very few aestheticians know how to use the data they collect during a skin examination, which really only gives you a third of the story. What's missed is everything that's…
Saturday, 25 June 2011 18:00

When Razor Meets Skin

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As women it may be hard for us to relate to daily shaving of a facial beard but we all know the potential hazards of shaving our legs; be it cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs, or even an angry razor burn, we know the pitfalls associated with the shaving ritual. For men, besides having to deal with daily shaving, consideration for skin condition (i.e. oily or…

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