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2020 will be an exciting year discovering new information and advances in several skin conditions and disorders each month. Before we proceed with individual skin conditions, we shall begin by reviewing the skin’s outermost defenses and how they can affect conditions, disorders, and potential diseases. Many aestheticians believe that the skin’s microbiome is the same as the acid mantle. In actuality, there are three separate…
Light therapy is a popular trend. Celebrities are touting it, clients are demanding it, and if you’re in the skin care business, then you know you need it. While selecting a new LED device can seem daunting, a little advance research will ensure satisfaction for you, glowing testimonials from clients, and a fast return on your LED purchase. Here are the seven most important questions…

The Amazing Skin Benefits of Ginseng

Written by Steven Wang, M.D.
Ginseng is a popular herbal supplement widely used in Asia to treat various health ailments and for general well-being. It can improve energy levels and boost memory. Because of those health benefits, ginseng is found and marketed in a wide range of consumable healthcare products, including supplements, teas, candies, and energy drinks, in various concentrations and forms. TYPES OF GINSENG There are many species of…

7 Secrets Every Aesthetician Should Know About Skin of Color

Written by Eunice Cofie-Obeng, founder, chief cosmetic chemist, and aesthetician at Nuekie
The skin care market is growing but there is still an untapped need for personalized skin care services for people of color. Women and men of color are looking for skin care specialists who understand their unique skin care needs. Unfortunately, many aestheticians never receive adequate training on skin of color in aesthetics school. Getting quality education on how to treat the unique structure and…

Top 4 Skin Benefits of Licorice Root Extract

Written by Steven Wang, MD, co-founder of Dr. Wang Herbal Skincare
Growing up, my mom would make this natural tea from the licorice root whenever we had a sore throat. She would grind up the licorice root into a coarse powder or just boil the whole root in a kettle full of hot water. To this day, I still have a fond memory of drinking the licorice tea. It tasted better than other teas we usually…

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