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Tuesday, 15 March 2022 11:11

Foolproof Success: Continuing Education & Aesthetics

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Of the many differences of opinion out there in the world (not to mention within the aesthetics community), one ideology is a given – education is king. Because of that fact, modern professional skin care lines would be fools not to capitalize on aesthetics practitioners’ thirst for knowledge. Quality aesthetics programs at beauty schools are a fantastic start to a firm foundation of a budding career, but what comes next? The aesthetics industry has many learning curves. Trying to navigate the nuances of the trade alone could result in a lot of trial-and-error, which is fine for those with supplementary time and money on their hands.

For the rest of the population, continuing education is the cheat sheet to stardom, professionally speaking. And who is a better demonstration of achieving stardom through broadening one’s educational horizons than Danne Montague-King, a man who is quite literally and metaphorically synonymous with his leading professional skin revision line. DMK Skincare understands that continuing education is essential, so much so that it’s a nonnegotiable stipulation to partner with them. However, this is not without cause.

While there are many reputable, results-driven professional skin care lines for spas to partner with, DMK differs because they are subscribed to a label, or concept, all their own. For 50 years, their concept has been uniquely based on four seemingly simple verbs: Remove, Rebuild, Protect, and Maintain. These general ideas in no way reinvent the wheel of how many skin care professionals approach skin health naturally. The difference is in the details of their philosophy.

It's not enough to read up on a product line and place an order. Practitioners must become DMK-certified, requiring a two-day theory course, hands-on training, and an introductory webinar. This is more than a three-day crash course on product knowledge. DMK’s first and only love has always been skin health and education, and they have made it their mission to mend countless complexions one pair of licensed professionals’ hands at a time. This requires more than an understanding of ingredient functions; it is an overhaul of aesthetic attitude – one that is constantly being built upon with continuing education.

This does not mean adopting the latest and greatest trend or discovery; it’s being on top of the science of the industry and beyond. This could like postgraduate courses, workshops, or supplemental reading. The objective is to be able to determine fact from marketing, hype from results, and mapping out and executing the series of events needed to step into one’s ideal career.


Although there are many roads to success and that achievement is defined on a case-by-case basis, knowledge is power. Whether a specific professional’s goal is to help others, make money, or follow their passion, the only way through it is with a well-educated mind and the right aesthetics tools and partners by one’s side.

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