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Summer Sensations: Seasonal Treatment Options

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Each season has their certain appeal and drawbacks, but there is something about summer that feels boundless and short-lived all at once. Perhaps it has something to do with the influx of getaways and vacation options presented to clients. For skin care professionals, summer can mean a bittersweet lull in business, especially for those who are not in tourist destinations and rely on their regular clients for the bulk of their revenue. The answer to this problem may lie in limited-time-only, seasonal treatments. 

For summer, the usual treatments can be dressed-up by additional products or even a pairing of services. With the addition of a charming name, description, and promotional content, the spa’s menu will appear to be refreshed, drawing in clients, old and new.

For example, while keeping common skin concerns’ solutions at the forefront of formulation, redesign existing treatments to have more color and are eye-catching. With social media driving so many clients’ purchases, seemingly elaborate, creative treatments make for great content that can make the spa’s market much bigger. One way to embrace color (and scent) is to consult with vendors about products utilizing summer or seasonal ingredients such as watermelon, strawberry, and summer greens.

Because hair removal is more popular in the summer months, a waxing or sugaring service could be bundled with a body treatment, such as a firming body wrap or spray tan, at a lower cost. In the warmer months, clients will have more opportunities to show off more than their complexions, so a reinvention of the current body treatments offered may be in order. 

The best thing about seasonal treatment is that they are limited. They may take extra effort and time, but if the spa is experiencing a slow period, there is not much to lose. Go the extra mile and craft treatments client will look forward to all year-round. Engaging in a menu revival could restore more than the client list.

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