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Lana Ivanov

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A medical aesthetician and registered nurse, Ivanov created an industry-based brand that is revolutionizing skin care.

Why is your primary skin care brand your ultimate go-to, and how has it helped you become one of the best professionals in the industry?

We use medical-grade ingredients that are free of parabens, hormone disruptors, toxins, and harsh chemicals. My passion for healthy skin led me to search the world for the best skin care product. Skin is the largest immune organ of the body. It needs to be nourished with healthy and high-quality ingredients. Vonavi products are bioengineered for the highest-quality, thoroughly researched, and tested ingredients.

Formulated with the polypore technology for advanced efficiency, they enhance all skin types. My passion for finding the best skin care for my clients led me to study thousands of products on the market. And ultimately, I saw the need to develop a unique skin care product that could treat various skin issues.

Why did you choose the brand and how did you find out about them?

As a medical professional, I have spent many years in the medical spa setting. The delicacy of the skin has always been of special interest to me, and finding safe, healthy skin care has been a huge challenge for me for many years.

It was at that point that I realized that I owe it to my community to leverage my expertise as a trained medical professional and years of serving medical spa clients to develop a skin care line.

I developed Vonavi Pro to treat various skin issues. They are clinical-grade products and are carefully sourced. They also work well for clients with sensitive skin.

How do you stay educated with this brand?

As a medical professional with over a decade of experience in clinical work, as well as cosmetic procedure, I have been fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

I attend regular seminars and training events throughout the year to always stay on the cutting edge of the newest trends and latest technology in the industry. The learning never ends, but it is a lot of fun.

What benefits do clients see from using the retail of the brand?

My clients see massive improvements in the health and clarity of their skin, often within just a few short weeks. They come to me with all types of skin problems, ranging from signs of aging, sensitivity, clogged pores, skin breakouts, dark spots, and even rosacea. Many of them have been suffering from skin problems for many years and have tried every product on the market.

Often, they come with a broken heart and have lost faith in never having healthy skin again. They are pleasantly surprised how using clinical skin care products and having a prescribed skin care regimen can reduce wrinkles, clear up pores, stop breakouts, and even clear rosacea. All this is achieved by reducing inflammation, hydrating, and nourishing the skin with potent ingredients. It is not a miracle – it is just science.

How do you promote yourself and the brand?

We leverage a combination of organic branding and modern direct response marketing to reach the right audience at the right time. I use the Vagaro booking system to promote to my medical spa clients through e-mails and text messaging.

I also use social media and traditional magazines and newspapers for news blasts and feature articles.

Besides working with the brand, what else has helped you become one of the best?

I am very passionate about skin care. Beyond working on my skin care line, I have been undergoing special training and certifications. These include microblading, permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, resurfacing laser treatment, chemical peels, microcurrent, and radio frequency skin lifting. These certifications helped me gain knowledge and experience over the years, build my client base, and fuel clients’ trust in my skills. In my medical spa, my team and I are booked three months in advance.

What is your educational background and how do you continue your education in the industry?

As a medical professional, I have spent many years in the spa, and I hold a master certification as a medical professional. I am also a trained registered nurse with many years in the field.

My interest in the medical field led me to earn a paramedical license in aesthetics, allowing me to utilize advanced skin care techniques and provide pre- and post-surgical skin care treatments.

Over the years, I received special training and certifications in many specialties, including skin rejuvenation, microblading, permanent makeup, laser treatment, chemical peels, and microcurrent.

After completing my aesthetics licensure, I sought to improve and advance my knowledge and skills. I became certified by the American Board of Dermatology, earned a certification in oncology skin care, received a certification in laser technology, and became a certified master aesthetician.

How long have you been practicing and why did you choose this field?

I have been a clinical nurse for over a decade working in the hospital. I also had the pleasure to work at the BayState Medical Center and with plastic surgeons that gave me hands-on experience providing treatments and cutting-edge services to clients.

I have always been fascinated by the skin. It is the most versatile organ we possess, and seeing what massive changes it goes through in the countless clients I have met over the years instills the desire to study skin conditions and age management.

How do you give back to the industry or community?

I am a skin transformation specialist and skin health educator. I help people overcome unhealthy skin habits and live healthier lives. Also, I am an oncology skin care specialist and microblader. I developed my own charity program where I treat oncology patients for free and give them free products or microblading.

Lastly, I support the Christina House Non-Profit Organization that helps women suffering from abuse and domestic violence.

Must-Have Products

  • Super Serum by Vonavi Pro
  • Hydra Lift Stem Cell Moisturizer by Vonavi Pro
  • Super Luminous Polish by Vonavi Pro

Why are these your top three must-haves?

Skin care is an art that blends the forces of nature and science together. Harnessing natural, purified botanical ingredients allows for innovative formulations, free of overly harsh chemicals that irritate skin or cause breakouts. With radiant skin, clients can develop a new level of self-confidence.

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