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AI in Action: Intelligent Business Solutions  

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular and can be a great tool for businesses to improve efficiencies, save time, and decrease costs. AI allows businesses to automate tasks, avoid human mistakes, make faster decisions, and generate market data which contributes to the overall success of the business. Here are seven ways that spas can leverage AI to strengthen and grow their waxing business. 


Artificial intelligence can be used to improve the client experience in many ways. For example, implementing an AI-powered chatbot on your website or social media platforms will provide instant responses to inquiries and a more robust way to track mentions or tags on social media. This information can then be used for following up, which helps ensure there are no missed marketing opportunities. An AI-powered chatbot can also guide clients through the booking process on your website, eliminating the need for a staff member to constantly monitor and respond to these requests. Research driven by artificial intelligence can provide important insight into client preferences and behaviors, allowing you to tailor your spa menu and offer more personalized services.  



AI systems can be used to facilitate client appointment bookings while also optimizing your spa’s schedule. Scheduling is an integral part of any spa’s operations as you want to reduce downtimes between services in order to fit in as many appointments as you can in one day. This is especially important during busy times, such as evenings and weekends. Gaps in the schedule can mean lost revenue and staff inefficiencies. Avoiding downtime between appointments maximize revenue and supports a successful business.  

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Lindsay Miller is the president of LYCON Wax North America. Having first discovered LYCON wax in the United Kingdom 10 years ago, she has dedicated her time to growing the brand across North America, including introducing LYCON to Canada. Training and product quality are extremely important to Miller and she prides herself on building a strong team around her that can offer the best customer experience possible. LYCON continues to be a market leader in hair removal wax and is used in top spas and salons around the world.  

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