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Wax Facts: Hard Vs. Strip Wax 

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Hot wax is often referred to as hard wax and strip wax as soft wax. So, what is the difference? How do you know when to use hard wax and when to use strip wax? Does it matter? Below are the answers to these questions and more. 


First, the main difference between hot (hard) wax and soft (strip) wax is the way that the wax is applied and then removed. Hot wax is applied against the hair growth and then left to set and removed without the use of an epilating strip. Strip (soft) wax is applied in the direction of the hair growth and then an epilating strip (muslin, pelon, and so on) is placed over the wax, pressed against skin, and then removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, pulling the hair out. Both types are effective ways to remove hair and allow for a smooth result. Additionally, hard wax is heated to a temperature of approximately 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) and should have a thick honey consistency. Whereas strip wax is heated to 70 to 75 degrees Celsius (158 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit) and has a much runnier consistency. 

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Lindsay Miller is the president of LYCON Wax North America. Having first discovered LYCON wax in the United Kingdom 10 years ago, she has dedicated her time to growing the brand across North America, including introducing LYCON to Canada. Training and product quality are extremely important to Miller, and she prides herself on building a strong team around her that can offer the best customer experience possible. LYCON continues to be a market leader in hair removal wax and is used in top spas and salons around the world.  

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