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The Melting Point: Selecting the Best Wax

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As a full-time or even part-time waxer, it is difficult to figure out which wax you like, let alone what wax is best for your business. The selection process can be broken down into a few steps to make this process a little bit easier.


The first step is determining the consistency of wax you prefer. Wax with a creamy consistency has a warm taffy texture. Some waxers prefer the application of a cream consistency wax over a gel. One isn’t better than the other; it really comes down to personal preference. 

The other option is wax with a gel-like consistency. Several chain waxing companies use this consistency of wax, so if this is what you’re used to, this could be the option for you. Experiment with each because you might surprise yourself. Not every cream or gel wax is the same, so do your research and test out a few different brands. Setting times, consistency, and application can vary between all formulas, regardless if they fall under the same consistency category. The major difference between the two is application. 


You need a product that is going to best service you, your clients, and your business, so you will want to select a formula that caters to these needs. Hard wax is great for Brazilians, so if you’re doing majority Brazilian services, you may naturally lean towards hard wax. If you’re an eyebrow artist, you could definitely go either way, but a lot of seasoned eyebrow artists would rather work with soft wax. If you’re doing full-body waxing, it is more time efficient and financially friendly to use a roll-on wax system. Roll-ons cut out an enormous amount of time when performing a great deal of full legs, full arms, and backs. Keeping your profit margins high is a key in running and managing a business. Finding a way that allows you to do this without jeopardizing the quality of the product is what puts you in a position to run and manage a successful business.  4

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Taylor Wilson is a licensed aesthetician hailing from the DMV. She's a graduate of Von Lee International School of Esthetics, founded by the legendary Carole Walderman. She was wax trainer at a European Wax center and eventually transitioned into her own studio, JB Skin Clinic, full time where she provided waxing and skin revision treatments. Realizing she wanted to focus on education and helping other skin care professionals reach their goals, she came on board to Starpil as their brand educator.

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