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Expert In Training: Best Training Methods 

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Licensed skin care providers understand the importance of ongoing education and staying up to date with the latest skin care trends and techniques. However, if you’re considering expanding your practice and hiring new staff, you’ll need to take your training methods to the next level. In this comprehensive guide, explore some highly effective training strategies to ensure your current and new team members excel in providing top-notch skin care services. 



Before delving into the training methods, it’s essential to reiterate why investing in training for aesthetician staff is of paramount importance:


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Taylor Wilson is a licensed aesthetician hailing from the Washington Metropolitan area. She is a graduate of Von Lee International School of Esthetics, founded by the legendary Carole Walderman. She was a wax trainer at a European Wax center and eventually transitioned into her own studio, JB Skin Clinic, full time where she provided waxing and skin revision treatments. Realizing she wanted to focus on education and helping other aestheticians reach their goals, she came on board to Starpil as their brand educator.

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