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What’s your recipe when a client has over-tweezed their eyebrows?

Written by   Lynn Maestro

Handle your client gently when discussing this topic. Excessive plucking and tweezing could be a psychological disorder known as trichotillomania and would require professional medical intervention.

  • Help them to identify patterns and the environment where over plucking takes place.
  • Offer your client an eyebrow wax treatment package; let them know it could take up to a year before their eyebrows completely fill in. A six-month waxing strategy is a great start to fuller eyebrows; have them commit to seeing you once a week for quick eyebrow wax touch ups in the first month. Then schedule every two weeks and finally, every three weeks. Without such a plan, they could very easily resort back to the over plucking behavior! This helps them break the cycle.
  • Tell your client to throw away the tweezers and hide their magnifying mirrors! 
  • Offer a topical eyebrow growth serum, in addition to the wax treatment plan. This is applied daily to enhance the development of their eyebrows.
  • Teach them to fill in their eyebrows with eyebrow makeup so that they get used to the look of having eyebrows; be sure they know how to do this properly for the most natural result.
  • Make the commitment to work with them during their eyebrow rescue plan.

Lynn-Maestro 2014As a 29 year beauty industry veteran and Pivot Point International graduate, Lynn Maestro has had the honor and privilege of holding a variety of positions for several well-known beauty manufacturing, import, distribution, and school leaders; all of which kept her connected to professionals in all genres of the business. In her current position as national sales and communications director for Perron Rigot, Inc., the USA subsidiary for Cirépil from Paris, Maestro continues to utilize her broad base of experience and unequivocal passion to motivate, elevate and empower beauty, aesthetic and wellness professionals around the globe.

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