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What’s your recipe for providing luxurious treatments to clients?

Written by   Heather Kreider, co-owner of Makes Scents Natural Spa Line

The spa industry is a trade of hospitality and service. At its center are friendliness, warmth, compassion, and giving. Creating this atmosphere is not optional; it is a must. Clients expect skin care professionals to create a respite from the stress of their hectic daily lives. They seek a place offering luxurious treatments that will restore a sense of well-being and tranquility.

Fortunately, professionals do not have to break their budget to craft the right ambiance. They only need to follow a few simple steps to give clients the indulgence they are looking for.


Set a positive tone for the provider-guest relationship. Direct eye contact, a heartfelt smile, and sincere introductions help clients feel at ease and appreciated. Showing clients that the professional is honored to serve them should be at the forefront of the professional’s thoughts when greeting clients.


Be sure the treatment table is warm and dry and adjust the temperature of the room so it is comfortable for the client. Professionals may need to warm the room prior to the treatment, especially in advance of a body treatment. Furthermore, it is important to correctly drape the client. Respect each client’s modesty level, exposing only the area that is currently being treated.

Reviewing client health questionnaires and asking clients questions can provide valuable information about what professionals can do to keep them comfortable. For example, if a client discloses that she suffers from low back pain, professionals can help minimize that pain by using a pillow or bolster.


Understanding products and mastering treatment techniques are essential for providing a luxurious client experience. Give staff members educational opportunities (in-person, video, webinar, and product-specific technical information forms) to bolster their product knowledge and make them more confident technicians. By empowering the spa’s team, owners will enhance the level of service their spa provides to clients.

Consider creating an enticing product display with treatment ingredients aesthetically featured. This presentation will pique clients’ interest and give them even more of a reason to look forward to skin care treatments. It will also increase the chances of clients purchasing retail products after their sessions.


Ask, listen, and respond respectfully and professionally. The age-old adage of “treating others as you would like to be treated” can go a long way in the skin care industry. Everyone knows how it feels to be rushed or not listened to. When asking clients questions, stop and really listen to what they are communicating. After all, they are paying for and deserve the professional’s dedicated focus. Skin care professionals should make it known that they are there not only to provide a service, but also to provide clients with personalized attention before, during, and after treatments.


Gratitude goes a long way in nurturing relationships. Clients often thank professionals for their service; at the same time, professionals can thank clients for entrusting them with the client’s care. After all, without clients, skin care professionals would not have jobs.


When providing treatments, have an “and then some” approach. Strive to provide a high-quality treatment – and then some. Strive to greet clients with a positive attitude – and then some. It is the “and then some” that takes a spa treatment to luxury status.

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