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What’s your recipe for choosing a specialty product?

Written by   Monique Enriquez

In the skin care industry, a ‘specialty product’ is a complementary product that offers exclusive benefits and targeted-problem solutions far better than the standard, daily-recommended skin care essentials. Specialty products, as the words imply, are items that promote, enhance, and improve the appearance of one thing by maximizing the efficacy of something already being used, boosting it to a higher level of performance and delivery of results.

In a retail, spa, or cosmetic setting, these products can vary in price range, depending on the brand and the formula’s active ingredients. For the skin care professional, knowledge about who these products are for, what they do, and why they are essential for a customer to know about will facilitate easier cross-selling and a better explanation of why they sit at a higher price point on the store shelves. 
The key to a successful sale and a satisfied customer is to differentiate, from the start of a conversation, the type of prospect with whom you are dealing. In the event of dealing with a savvy client, one who is always on the lookout for new innovative product launches and powerful or natural formula active ingredients, professionals must be informed, to some degree, about new products and social beauty trends. Staying informed allows the professional to suggest compatible alternatives that are offered at their workplace and decide the best course of action for the clients, helping them to achieve the desired results. 
On the other hand, for a client who is just beginning to learn about skin care essentials, a specialty product is not the ideal recommendation. It can, however, translate into an opportunity to educate the client about the many aspects of skin health, topical hydrating treatments, anti-aging prevention, pigmentation, and acne-scarring correction by emphasizing the importance of incorporating such products into a customized, daily skin care regimen. 
A highly recommended, top-selling tip when retailing these products is to emphasize that specialty products help counteract both intrinsic and extrinsic free radical disruptors. They promote skin cell regeneration and rejuvenation from within by offsetting the chronological aging clock. Clients will interpret this as a product that protects skin against environmental damage, maintains healthy skin from the inside out, and prolongs the natural aging process.

Monique-Enriquez-2015Monique Enriquez is a certified natural health practitioner, skin expert, and anti-aging skin therapist. She has studied and trained with international experts in the holistic health care and beauty industries, giving her the expertise to create educational workshops and preventative programs that allow the mind and body to rejuvenate and heal naturally. She enjoys yoga, cooking, spa retreats, volunteering at pet shelters, and is writing a book on lifestyle and skin health for the professional, modern-day woman.

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