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Ancient Remedies: Ayurvedic Massage & Treatments

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The word ayurveda is a natural medicine with ancient history reigning from India. Since ayur means “life” and veda means “science of knowledge,” it refers to the overall knowledge of life. Ayurveda uses natural oils and herbs that includes a process of steaming and pouring through the body to center the mind, body, and soul.

The use of herbal remedies boosts and balances the system and relieves emotional stress. Ayurvedic massage relieves pain by increasing circulation, strengthening the lymphatic system, and opening for the flow of life. One of the most popular treatments is called panchakarmas; pancha meaning “five” and karma meaning “action” or “therapy,” which deals with the five major therapies. These are Vashti (includes the procedure of enema and is used with medicated oils that are filled in a plastic bag and tied), nasya (application of medicines through nostrils with medicated oils), raktamokshana (procedure that removes the vitiated blood from the body), vamana karma (an induced emesis using medicines to treat different diseases), and Virechana (the treatment of purgation to treat diseases caused by vitiation of pitta).

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