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Barbara Schumann | Author, Lecturer and Educator

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My family lives under the mantra; “Know a lot about one thing and a little bit about a lot of things.” Therefore, since I grew-up in the industry, I started as a towel folder and floor scrubber and I continued to work my way up; working in the warehouse; as an aesthetician in the clinic; as a trainer, salesperson, and an educator. I actually left the family business and pursued a degree in Architecture with a Masters in Town Planning. Eventually, I realized that what I truly loved doing was teaching and I could do that while helping to promote the family legacy of helping others through great skin care. As the daughter of a skin care pioneering family its legacy has been a double-edged sword. On the positive side, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know so many people in the industry for most of my adult life – giving way to a “family” type atmosphere when I get to visit with some great people at different events. The negative side, I do have a legacy to live up to. People ask me how I keep my life in balance and enjoy the journey along the way. Simply put… I tell them that I take care of myself and rotate the damage. I can’t do everything at the same time so I focus on one thing at a time and do my best in that moment. Then I move quickly onto the next thing. Everything I do impacts how I do everything else. Life is about gathering experiences and using them to build the tapestry of who we are and how we give back. Circumstances have led me to start-over the family business more than once. This inspired me to integrate the start of a charitable foundation. So, in 2009, the Schumann Legacy Foundation was founded and its first effort, aptly named The Chrysalis Project, focuses on leveraging the potential of children streaming out of the foster-care system. I’ve learned a lot about starting over in my life… every time we have to, we learn something and start over better than before. I am always amazed at the spirit of collaboration and the unlikely friendships that are formed in this industry; when you extend a hand in kindness and keep your heart in a place of grace and openness you can draw it out in others.

Barbara Schumann’s thoughts on what separates the best clinics/spas from the rest:

The staff defines the clinic. The most beautiful clinic/spa using the best products has no chance if the client is treated roughly or without the intention of helping them. No one wants to be a number and everyone wants to feel special. The moment an aesthetician goes wrong is when they lose sight of the fact that having success in the service industry is all about the technician’s intention and integrity of service.


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