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What tips do you have for upgrading clients while in the treatment room?

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“Every facial begins with this question: Anything specific concerning your skin today? Then I will offer a suggestion of what we can add to address this specific concern. At the end of cleansing, I will ask if they want their eyebrows waxed. Always explain any additional costs with the suggestions.”
Nicola Ericson, owner and aesthetician at Visible Difference

“Of course the best experience possible should be offered when booking. During an intake interview is the next opportunity to customize. Once you are in the treatment room, you may end up needing extra time or using something more, but the permission (tentative pre/disapproval) should have been established earlier.”
Linda Ruberto, owner and aesthetician at Star Brows

“It depends on if the client is new or a repeat client. If it is their first time, I like to go through the service menu and offer a discount on an additional treatment if they get it done that day. For a returning client, I would recommend them doing an add-on treatment to improve what they do on a consistent basis, or recommend a new service based on my observations.”
Ingrid Golding, aesthetician at Gentle Waxing

“During my introduction, I ask the client’s concerns and what results they would like to see from the facial. While I am cleansing and extracting, if I feel it could be an upgraded mask, I share with my client what I would recommend, such as an upgraded mask or facial that will give them the result they are looking for.”
Diana Barraza, aesthetician at Encore Spa

“This is the most fun part of this exciting industry. During every part of interaction with a client, we are the teacher. We explain what product we are using, what it will do, and why this particular product (or another product) is the best for the client. The better the client understands a product, the better the chance the client will return for more treatments and purchase recommended items for home use and continued treatments. Teaching is fun as is watching clients respond to your teaching.”
Jan Heinrich, Manager at Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Vera Co.

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