What tips do you have for choosing spa equipment?

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I like to look at the customer service aspect of the manufacturer and distributor when choosing spa equipment. I like when a company’s representative takes the time to properly educate the staff on the equipment being purchased. Furthermore, it is always great when they remain accessible after they leave.
Sierra Wells, manager of Tranquil Day Spa

When I choose equipment for my spa, I always try to pick products that come from well-known, reputable companies. I think that there is a lot to be said for a company that has been in the industry for a long time and has won over the hearts of both aestheticians and clients.
Harrison Norby, owner of Swede Sweet Spa

I like to look at the reviews of the equipment I am considering online, particularly the bad reviews. A lot of the equipment on the market right now has hundreds of stellar reviews that basically say the same thing. I feel like the poor ratings offer more insight and honesty about the product. I usually make a list of the recurring complaints of the equipment I am considering and decide whether that aspect is something that will truly be detrimental to my treatments.
Le Nguyen, co-owner of Kim’s Spa and Salon

The best thing an aesthetician can do when it comes to choosing equipment is to attend a tradeshow. With hundreds of vendors, it gives the opportunity to view and test a large number of the most cutting-edge equipment in the industry in an efficient time period. Furthermore, they can attend classes about the equipment and the company and ask questions. Let’s not forget the tradeshow pricing specials, too!
Marissa Deere, aesthetician at River Creek Medi-Spa

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