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What tips do you have for a new aesthetician?

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“First, get clear with your environment choice – medical, salon or spa, wellness center, or even a cruise ship. I do not recommend starting on your own right away unless you have a solid business plan. A spa setting allows you to get your feet wet and cross-market with other service providers to build clientele.”
Maxine Drake, director of sales at Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions

“Learn all you can about running a business. You may know all there is about skin care, but if you cannot run a business, you will soon be out of business.”
Julia Avery, aesthetician at Skin Sense OK

“Never stop learning and growing. Clients crave up-to-date knowledge and you will become their go-to person if you constantly keep yourself educated.”
Nanette Johansen, aesthetician and spa manager at Cimarron Spa

“Treat every job like you own the business. It is your responsibility to get clients, pay for your education, watch free educational videos, practice your skills, and become a specialist in at least one thing. Read, ask questions, and learn from the top educators in the industry by visiting their websites, watching their tutorial videos, reading their books, and attending their classes.”
Lora Condon, aesthetician at The Beauty Buster

“Do not give your services away. Value what you do because you will never get loyalty by giving your services away cheaply.”
Sharon Butto, owner and instructor at The Spa Studio

“First, believe in yourself. Second, love what you do. Third, hold yourself accountable... when you are in charge of you, the sky is the limit! Nothing can, or will, hold you back!”
Michelle D’Allaird-Brenner, owner of Aesthetic Science Institute

“Stay focused! Read, practice, and learn as much as possible form other aestheticians. We all share and learn from each other, including different techniques. It is a very rewarding career!”
Diana Barraza, aesthetician at The Spa at Encore Las Vegas

“Do not be afraid to branch out and try new things! There are so many non-invasive equipment options that you do not learn in school that provide great results! Continue your education – You will never stop learning in this industry.”
Lindsay Raley, lead aesthetician at Texas Beautiful Image

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