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What are your tips for dealing with a client who has bad breath?

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“Keep the conversation to a minimum. Wear a face mask. Offer a ginger tea.”
Thelma Carole Edwards, owner at Edwards’ Wellness & Skin Care Facility

“I never say anything to my clients. I work in a raw food healing center and most clients smell like either garlic or wheat grass. I keep mints by my table and put one in my own mouth. Just never let the client know that they offend you.”
Kathleen Green, laser specialist

“After performing a client’s skin analysis, I provide them with an organic herbal mint, and suggest that they begin their treatment experience with the powerful antioxidant benefits of all natural peppermint, and explain that it’s a great stress reliever as well. I find that they will never turn it down, and it allows me to focus on what’s important, their skin!!”
Michele Suviate, director of education at Dermaesthetics

“I would use a drop of peppermint essential oil just under nostrils (it needs to be diluted with a carrier oil as to not irritate the skin). It really works.”
Sigrid Yorke, co-owner at Southpoint Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

“I keep a supply of medical masks on hand. When I have a client whose personal hygiene or oral hygiene is lacking, I use a mask. If I am asked about it, I tell the client it is our policy to wear the mask for infection control purposes. I find that clients who have poor hygiene consistently present in that manner. I also make note on my chart “infection control “ that way it is a reminder to me to wear the mask. It gets a little warm, but much better than the offensive odor.”
Carmella Hammond, owner at North London Electrolysis and Laser

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