How do you set realistic goals?

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“I start by writing my goals down on paper. I believe that you are far more likely to achieve goals if they are written down. After I write down my goals, I like to refer to them on a daily basis in order to keep them at the forefront of my mind. I also think that writing down a goal makes it more real than just thinking about it. It is a lot easier for me to change my mind about a goal if it is not written down.”
Dandi Night, owner of Night and Day Spa

“I set realistic goals by mapping out short-term milestones. If a goal is pretty far out, it is easy for me to procrastinate and put it off until the last minute. I think long-term goals are great, but it is always easier if I plan the little steps in-between that will carry me to that goal.”
Jennifer Shumaker, aesthetician at Skin Building, Inc.

“I find that realistic goals are often set one at a time. Having a laundry list of goals can be a recipe for disaster and failure. Too many goals can be uncontrollable and disheartening. When I set one goal at a time, I do not feel that I am under a lot of pressure to get everything done at once. I can finish one goal, feel accomplished, then move on to setting a new one.”
Fallon Baker, head aesthetician at Rubie’s Day Spa

“When setting realistic goals, it is important to be specific. Vague goals set me up for disappointment. Every time I set a goal that is not specific, I become discouraged because it seems like there is no end in sight. I set detailed goals by using precise dates as to when I want things done.”
Naomi Lomelin, owner of Lumen Salon and Spa

“There is nothing worse than setting a goal and not scheduling any time to actually work on it. Having a goal in mind is great, but without any follow through, it is almost useless to even think about. Furthermore, it is important to set realistic time allotments, especially if working on goals is new to you. Ten minutes of actually working on a goal is better than the hour set aside that did not get done.”
Candice Crantz, owner of Candie Sweet Spa and Salon

“Realistic goals can only be achieved if it is something you actually want to accomplish. Do not set a goal that does not feel true to who you are. Goals that are meant to please others often end up being the biggest failure because your heart might not be in it.”
Tonya Raite, aesthetician at Beauty Butter Spa

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