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My career in specialized skin care transcends over 25 years of functioning behind the chair recognizing skin diseases and performing professional clinical skin care treatments. During this time, I have seen some of the most challenging facial conditions which would cause a majority of aestheticians to either panic or refuse. Embracing the difficulty of severe skin problems is what I love, therefore, I have built…

Skin Conditions

Written by Terri Wojak
Skin conditions can be distressing at a visible level, however they are often triggered by responses occurring inside the body. Skin, being the largest organ of the body, can represent what is taking place from internal stress, to hormonal fluctuations, to an unhealthy lifestyle. The most common skin conditions seen by aestheticians are acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Although there are actions we can take to…
Dermatologists evaluate only about 40 percent of people suffering from a skin disease or condition. Because of this fact, aestheticians are often the first line of defense for skin care needs. Clients/patients usually do not realize that what is believed to be an irritation, sensitivity, or problem skin may be a treatable disease. Although unable to officially “diagnose” a skin disorder, the trained skin care…
Rosacea was originally described in exacting detail by one of the most prominent doctors of his time, the English dermatologist Robert William (1757 – 1812) who started one of the first institutions focused on skin diseases. Rosacea is a chronic ‘acne form’ disorder of the facial pilosebaceous units, coupled with an increased reactivity of capillaries to heat, leading to flushing, blushing, ultimately causing a vaso-dilation…
The course of rosacea is prolonged. Recurrences are common and difficult. Rosacea is a skin in trauma and out of balance. When tissue repairs itself, it requires more amino acids for cell proliferation. Peptides are organic chemical compounds composed of one or more basic amino acid groups and one or more acidic carboxyl groups. Select a peptide product that contains palmitoyl-pentapeptide-3 and other peptides with…
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