With so many skin care lines on the market today, knowing and understanding all the ingredients can be confusing. Luckily, there are articles to help understand and effectively read a label on skin care products. Here are a few common, innovative, hazardous, and organic ingredients often found in the products on people’s shelves right now.
Acne treatment is one of the leading reasons clients seek out professional help. While skin care professionals do not diagnose or treat acne, they must be aware of this skin condition and know how to properly provide a facial. Performing consistent, effective facial treatments will not only benefit the client’s overall appearance, but will also help bolster their self-esteem. Both results are, perhaps, the most…

Looking to Nature for Acne Answers

Written by Rachael Pontillo, LE, M.Msc, CIHC, CNAP
Acne is a skin condition with many causes, types, and presentations, affecting both sexes of all ages and ethnicities. Its effects are lasting – both physically and emotionally – and there is a great deal that skin care professionals can do to help acne clients get relief and reduce the long-term impact that breakouts have on the skin.
Treating acne requires a proper homecare regimen, an understanding of client allergies and intolerances, and regular visits to a skin care professional. A knowledgeable aesthetician will use a variety of professional products and modalities to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, decongest, and disinfect the skin, as well as soothe and heal any inflammation associated with acne.
Menopause is defined as the point in time when a female’s menstrual cycles permanently cease due to the natural depletion of ovarian follicles/oocytes from aging. During a woman’s cycle, the ovaries release a mature egg called an ovum (oocyte). The onset of menopause displays biological changes within the entire endocrine system, in particular with decreased levels of reproductive hormones, especially estrogen and testosterone.

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