Today, more and more people are presenting with skin sensitivity and reactions, and it is only natural to ask, “Why?” Why are so many people reacting or becoming sensitive to products they have used for years? Julian Cribb, author of “Surviving The 21st Century,” says “Earth and all life on it are being saturated with man-made chemicals in an event unlike anything in the planet’s…
The goal of this article is to offer practical information, tips, and advice on how to handle sensitized skin. It will review the difference between and characteristics of the sensitized skin condition and the sensitive skin type. It will also establish a set of diagnostic questions for determining if the client’s skin is sensitized or sensitive, as well as provide a list of possible irritants.…

The Importance of Properly Treating All Types of Skin

Written by Beatrice Van, master educator and certified advanced aesthetician
In this industry, it is imperative that professionals learn how to treat all skin types, especially skin of color, with confidence. Historically, it is unfortunate that there has been such a gap in education for so long on how to treat skin of color and this is why an open conversation is necessary. While every type of ethnic skin has its own unique characteristics, they…


Written by Pia Kynoch, owner, holistic skin therapist, and naturopath at Verve Skin Beauty Wellness
The mysteries of aging that control an individual’s lifespan, and the way they look and feel, are still yet to be completely unraveled, despite the many scientific advances in all the relevant fields of medicine, genetics, health, and wellness. Aging is truly a complex collaboration involving epidemiology, psychology, and cell biology, and there is no single theory that satisfactorily explains all aspects of aging. A…

Dragon’s Blood: A Cosmetic Ingredient Setting the Industry on Fire

Written by Janel Luu, CEO and formulator of Le Mieux Cosmetics
What do a fire-breathing dragon and an antiaging moisturizer have in common? Nothing, actually. Dragon’s blood is a hot, new ingredient flying into skin care products, but it has absolutely nothing to do with dragons swooping across the sky. In fact, dragon’s blood does not come from an animal at all. This fantastical name describes the deep, reddish sap resembling blood that drips down the…

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