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Wednesday, 22 March 2023 15:04

Glutathione: The Body’s Master Antioxidant

Written by   Nayan Patel

The same cutting-edge, sub-nano technology that powers antioxidant delivery in wellness products is now used in skin care to fight free radicals and signs of aging. A critical component in longevity and good health as one ages is the body’s naturally occurring master antioxidant, glutathione. This antioxidant also ensures that the immune system functions properly. It is essential for tissue building and repair as well as making necessary chemicals and proteins. Glutathione supports liver health and detoxification, improves athletic performance, speeds up recovery, boosts immune function, increases and improves sleep, and so much more.

Now that same tissue-rebuilding, detoxifying power is producing real results in the skin care world. Glutathione can defend skin from environmental stress, prevent signs of aging, and detoxify skin from existing damage.1 This is all possible with the proper delivery system that infuses skin with this powerful antioxidant that can reach the inner layers of skin


Glutathione is a naturally occurring tripeptide amino acid produced in every cell of the body that recycles all other antioxidants to provide maximum detoxification and protection from free-radical damage. It can improve health in both the short and long term, from the inside out, and is a highly touted wellness supplement. Naturally, it has the same effects on skin.

Natural levels of glutathione in the body start to subside as early as the age of 12. Still, increasing glutathione in the body can be achieved with good lifestyle choices, like a glutathione-boosting diet, moderate exercise, and the right supplement regime. Additionally, direct delivery of glutathione to skin can help turn back time on signs of aging.


Glutathione is hard to deliver to skin effectively due to its huge molecule size and the required correct transdermal uptake.2 A sub-nano system format allows for transdermal delivery, which means better absorption and efficacy. Unlike other methods of obtaining glutathione, like via ingestible products, a sub-nano system circumvents the potential for the protein to break down during delivery and lose potency. 

Glutathione for skin means that powerful detoxification not only defends skin from environmental stress and prevents signs of aging but also detoxifies skin from existing damage. This powerfully transformative antioxidant is now getting delivered to skin in a whole new way, making glutathione and other antioxidants more potent and available for skin to utilize in the inner layers to deliver age-defying results.1

I have been studying the power of glutathione in the body for 20 years. Now, it’s a total breakthrough in skin care. The delivery means glutathione can get into the subcutaneous levels of skin so it can do its job. 


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