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Monday, 16 January 2023 23:55

The Secret Beneftis of Laser Hair Removal

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The Secret Beneftis of Laser Hair Removal The Secret Beneftis of Laser Hair Removal
The most obvious benefit to getting laser hair removal is living that hair free care free life. Not having to worry about remembering to shave or missing a spot is just the first of the benefits of laser hair removal.


Shaving takes a lot of time. It may not seem like it when you’re doing it every day – or every few days – but when you start to add that up the time cost of shaving is huge.

Would you rather spend 39 hours of your year shaving - or doing literally anything else? A full-time job is 40 hours a week! Give yourself a whole week’s worth of time back by swapping to laser hair removal.


We all know that time is money, but when it comes to swapping to laser hair removal – money is money.

When you need to buy shaving products or waxing services every week – that adds up really quickly! Getting waxed regularly can easily add up to thousands of dollars per year.

Swapping to laser hair removal saves you money over time – no weekly razor or waxing bill!


Maybe not single handed, but yes, permanent laser hair removal can help save the planet.

We are all aware these days of how much plastic is hurting the environment. In fact, every year Americans throw out around two billion razors. That’s two billion plastic handles, up to ten billion razor blades, plus all that excessive packaging that comes with each razor!

All those billions of factors filling up landfills and taking hundreds of years to decompose.

Perhaps even more troubling than the excessive plastic waste is the massive carbon footprint of manufacturing, shipping, and delivering those products. Sadly, that’s just the effect of the razors themselves.

When you look into the effect shaving products like shaving foam and skin soothers have on water quality – it quickly becomes clear why laser hair removal is an eco-friendly alternative.


When you shave you risk ingrown hairs, nasty shaving cuts, and itchy regrowth. Waxing seems better at first, but it is painful and you have to grow your hair out between waxes – what’s the point of hair removal if you have to grow it long again just to have it pulled out?

Laser hair removal solves all of these issues by simply and effectively replacing these outdated methods.


For a long time, laser hair removal was only recommended for certain skin types, but leaps forward in technology mean that now anyone with any skin type can come in and receive safe and effective laser hair removal.
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