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Top 6 Oils to Use in Skin Care: Part 2

Written by   Peter Friis, CEO of ESSIO Shower

It seems like everyone is currently obsessing over essential oils and aromatherapy. With their proven skin care benefits, incorporating them into clients' beauty regimen seems like a no-brainer!

Mother nature is the best resource for effective solutions to skin care needs.

Every year, men and women spend thousands of dollars on anti-aging products. From serums to masks, everyone is trying to find their own foundation of youth at the drugstore. Little do they know, a few drops of frankincense might provide all the anti-aging benefits they need.

Frankincense is a powerful astringent that helps to protect the skin and defend it against the aging process as it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This oil also helps to lift and tighten the skin, making it appear more youthful. If clients begin using this essential oil early, they can delay the appearance of skin aging before it starts. Frankincense oil can also reduce the appearance of acne, redness, and pores.

For the body, frankincense can reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It is an extremely effective moisturizer when combined with shea butter. This oil is the perfect option for new mothers as it will help return their skin to its smooth, glowing state.

It is also great to have on-hand to treat minor cuts, burns, and bruises. Frankincense has powerful antiseptic properties that help maximize wound healing and also keep infection at bay. To increase wound healing time, mix frankincense with lavender oil for a skin injury super-serum.

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