Monday, 17 January 2022 11:48

The Aesthetician Shortage: Seizing Opportunities After COVID-19

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If anything was learned from the last 24 months, it is the importance of wellness and self-care, which has increased the interest in spa services. Amid these increased demands came an exodus of experienced talent and spa closures. Spa owners decided to permanently shut down after enduring months and months of government mandated closures. Some skin care professionals also chose to permanently leave the industry. This left fewer spas to accommodate the rise in demand, and a smaller talent pool to staff the remaining spas.

Treatment costs increased due to increased material prices, the extra time for sterilization and sanitation, and the added personal protective equipment items which lowered profitability.

Although this paints a grim picture of the current spa industry, the situation also presented many new opportunities. There are many positive actions that can be taken to achieve greater success than ever before.

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