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The allure and mystique of aromatherapy has captured the senses, heart, and human spirit for centuries. It has been said that every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. The majestic floral and botanical creations of nature have yielded hundreds upon hundreds of fragrant essences – while providing just as many therapeutic benefits.
When preforming body treatments, skin care professionals can easily come across tattoos on their client’s bodies. Since there are many health risks that come along with tattoos, it is important for skin care professionals to know what infected tattoos look like.
In the morning, I cleanse my face with warm water, then cold water, and then apply a toner. Then, I apply a serum during cooler months and a hydrophilic barrier cream during warmer months. Lastly, I apply a mineral makeup with SPF protection.
STATEMENT: Bleach cures fingernail fungus.

Herbal Steam

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Begin the New Year with a lovely, herbal face steam that can be done in 30 minutes! Clients can make this a weekly ritual for a healthier, happier, and less-stressed New Year.
We have heard it before – as men get older, they lose hair from their scalp but somehow it starts growing everywhere else, especially their lower backs, ears, and eyebrows. Menopausal women may see their beautiful head of hair becoming dull, brittle, and falling off.
I always get asked how to achieve the perfect eyebrows. The eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face. They offer balance, frame the eyes, and help improve the contours of the face. Well-groomed eyebrows are an easy way to look brighter, make the eyes stand out more, achieve a fresh look by adding a drop of makeup.
Showing your professionalism in the workplace is not just common courtesy; it will help earn return clients who appreciate the effort you put into your actions and attire. Maintaining professionalism puts clients at ease so that they can enjoy their experience to the fullest. When clients find a true professional, they are sure to want to share their discovery with all their friends.

Turn off the Lights

Written by Leticia Mendonca
It is well past dinnertime, but you just got home after wrapping up yet another exhausting day at work. No doubt you enjoy caring for the clients at your spa, but who gives care to the caregiver? You know that your advice applies to your body too, but your inclination to give care pushes your needs to secondary status.

Recipe Box: Skin Restoring Aronia Berry Mask

Written by Elina Fedotova, CEO of Elina Organics
Aronia has traditionally been used in Russia to rejuvenate and heal the skin. Each berry offers an organic cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and other skin-nourishing nutrients. It has a higher concentration of antioxidants than blueberries, grapes, acai, elderberries, and many other fruits.

Skullcap Extract in Skin Care

Written by Craig Kraffert, board certified dermatologist and president of Amarte
A member of the mint family, scutellaria baicalensis (baikal skullcap) is a purple flowering perennial plant native to East Asia. For over 2,000 years, baikal skullcap root extract has been a key component of traditional herbal medicine used in the management of acne, eczema, and even psoriasis.

Our Skin is a Mirror of Internal Health

Written by Sheilah Fulton, L.E., B.S., M.B.A., aesthetics instructor
Human beings have trillions of cells throughout the body that perform intricate functions to maintain the overall integrity and health of the skin. The metabolic processes and utilization of energy – ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – all impact the overall health of the body.

Skin Care MYTHS: Tea tree oil clears acne

Written by Catherine Atzen, M.B.A., CIDESCO, NCEA certified, founder of ATZEN
STATEMENT: Tea tree oil clears acne.

Clarifying Eco-friendly Gifts

Written by Rebecca Hettig, president of Spa Impressions
Oftentimes, spas ask for eco-friendly products while planning a promotional campaign. But what does environmentally-friendly really mean? For example, are these spas satisfied that a promotional product is recyclable – the materials from the item can be reused?
There is no greater experience for a woman than that of being pregnant and carrying another life inside of her. Approximately 40 weeks of her life will change dramatically. Certain foods and drinks she used to partake of will change; some of her skin care regimen will be altered and her activities may become limited.

Skin Care MYTHS: It is dangerous to wear eyeliner on your lower lid.

Written by Kimberly Czelusniak, L.E., founder of Aesthetics Apart Consulting
STATEMENT: It is dangerous to wear eyeliner on your lower lid.
This anti-aging and anti-inflammatory mask calms redness.
Gather the firewood, bust out the champagne flutes, and stash the flip-flops. Winter is on its way! This means parting with those bright summer pedicures and preparing for glamorous and glitzy manicures. This winter will bring with it a few twists on the old classics.
Determination. Willpower. Focus. Drive. Commitment. These are all terms that describe one’s devotion to achieving certain tasks or goals, no matter how lofty they may seem. These can be goals for improving one’s skin, diet, or overall appearance – or a business or personal goal like buying a house or planning a family.
I use Epionce’s Lytic Gel Cleanser, followed by the Renewal Facial Lotion and Ultra Shield SPF 50 in the morning. At night, I use the Intense Defense Serum followed by the Intensive Nourishing Cream.
“Do not let schooling interfere with your education,” said Mark Twain. As spa professionals, we often graduate aesthetics school with intimate knowledge on how to carry out various treatments, including some that even clients have never heard of and think that we have come of age because our formal schooling has ended.
We all remember learning the systems of the body back in high school, then most of us also re-learned them during our aesthetics training. So do you recall the endocrine system and what its function is? The one thing that we all probably do recall is that it has something to do with hormones!
STATEMENT: Everyone needs to use a sunscreen and a moisturizer.
STATEMENT: Toothpaste treats spots. Facts: The application of whitening toothpaste to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) spots may have a temporary bleaching effect on the skin, similar to lemon juice and other so-called home style approaches.
Radiation therapy burns, or radiation dermatitis, is often a very painful and uncomfortable side effect of the radiation therapy used to treat many types of cancer. In some cases, there may be so much skin damage and discomfort to the patient that it can cause the treatment to be discontinued before the prescribed dosage has been achieved.
According to Professional Beauty Association, the spa industry has seen an overall decline this year. Their Current Situation Index and Expectations Index have recorded the industry’s increases and decreases.
Icleanse with either Chella’s Lush Balm or Exfoliating Scrub, and then spray on the Hydrating Tonic to balance the skin’s pH. I follow that with our Master Protocol 7 and SPF 25 Hydrating Daily Moisturizer.
Offering clients healthy beverages, especially water, during their spa appointment can help prevent many health issues that can arise from drinking unhealthy beverages. Helping clients take charge of their health will help with the success of a skin care professional’s business because trusting clients make for the best clients.
The chamomile and cucumbers in this eye treatment will be sure to soothe tired, puffy eyes and leave them feeling fresh and rejuvenated. This treatment at home is especially great when clients need to stay awake.
 Waxing sessions should occur all year, not just during the summer months when shorts and swimsuits are most common. There is no reason to let it all grow out; we are not bears! We do not need that kind of protection from cold weather.
According to Wikipedia, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), also referred to as hyperandrogenic anovulation (HA), or Stein-Leventhal Syndrome, is one of the most common endocrine disorders among females. In this article, some of the various symptoms will be discussed, as well as additional facts and ways that women can be treated for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Mesima Mushroom

Written by Craig Kraffert, board certified dermatologist and president of Amarte
Phellinus linteus (Mesima or black hoof mushroom) has been used as traditional medicine for hundreds of years in Korea, China, and Japan. It is an orange colored, hoof-shaped mushroom that grows on mulberry trees and has been used for the treatment of everything from bleeding to gastrointestinal problems to cancer.

Ultrasound Cavitation

Written by Dr. Bojana Matovski, founder and president of Rejuvee™
Cavitation is one of the most requested aesthetic treatments of today; you can find many independent reviews about it all over the Internet.
Think you know microfiber? Think again. Below we debunk some common myths about microfiber, an incredible, versatile, performance fabric.
I alternate products, but right now I use DermaQuest’s C Infusion Cleanser, the Essential B5 Hydrating, Collagen Stem Cell Complex and the Peptide Line Corrector. I use ZinClear SPF 30 usually, but now I have used SunArmor SPF 50 since its launch!In the evening, I use the Stem Cell 3D Cleanser and the HydraFirm. When due, I schedule a Power Peptide Resurfacer or a TCA/Salicylic Peel.
No food or diet can actually prevent breast cancer, but eating right can help keep the body as healthy as possible. Healthy foods boost the immune system and help maintain a healthy weight, lowering the risk of cancer. The following are 10 foods that can help fight and prevent breast cancer:

Recipe Box: Spicy and Tart Anti-Cellulite Scrub

Written by Rachael Pontillo, founder and author of Holistically Haute™
Cellulite is one of the most common annoyances among women who come to spas for body treatments. This scrub is a great way to help break up stored toxins and improve the appearance of cellulite.
Steam is a natural and therapeutic beauty treatment. It can be used to create a healthy glow, prevent dry skin, and help increase circulation. It is especially beneficial in the winter because it is a natural way to maintain healthy, glowing skin during the dry and frigid months. Be sure your clients are taking advantage of this useful treatment.

Recipe Box: Purifying Mask for Mature Complexions

Written by Elina Fedotova, formulator and CEO of Elina Organics
This soothing mask combines the anti-aging properties of red clover, a great source of phytoestrogens, with the calming, healing effects of chamomile. In this treatment, these herbs are combined with rose hydrosol and the nourishing phytonutrients provided by sea buckthorn oil. When mixed with the white clay’s ability to draw out impurities, these ingredients help detoxify and rejuvenate the skin.
Makeup techniques learned in school can definitely be a bit different than the ones we all learned from our mothers. And when it comes to applying makeup for our clients, we use all the tricks we know. But have we taken the time to explain what we are doing while the client is in the chair? Being detailed and explaining your steps to the client will build trust and keep…

Building Media Relations

Written by Nathalie Banker, PR director at Dermalogica
How often have you heard people say they need PR? We seem to casually use the word, as though it were a new flashy item to possess like a pair of designer shoes. But if we stop to think about what these two words mean – public relations – we can then determine why it is needed to promote business and how it can achieved.

Top 5 Winter Skin Myths

Written by Claudia Aguirre, Ph.D., writer and neurosciencetist
When it comes to skin, what we have grown up thinking is not always the truth – especially when it comes to winter skin care. In fact, some of the most common facts are actually myths… Take a look.

Dermablading 101

Written by Stephani Ramirez, R.N., L.E., educator for Lira Clinical
Dermablading is a procedure that removes dead skin cells from the epidermis. It is useful for clients with fine lines, wrinkles, and/or vellus hyperpigmentation. Clients experience increased circulation, radiance, and better skin care product penetration.

Skin Care MYTHS: Drinking too much caffeine has a negative effect on the skin.

Written by Rachelle Dupree, marketing and communications at Vivoderm Laboratories, Inc.
STATEMENT: Drinking too much caffeine has a negative effect on the skin. Facts: Is caffeine bad for your skin? The current scientific research says yes and no. According to recent studies, up to 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine daily in one form or another, whether that is through coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, or even chocolate and pain relievers. According to the Mayo Clinic, up to four cups of…

A Totally Different Perspective on Acne

Written by Ben Johnson, M.D., founder and formulator of Osmosis Skincare
It appears everything we were taught in school about acne was wrong. For decades both aestheticians and dermatologists have invested in protocols that address either bacteria populations, oil production, or retention hyperkeratosis. While modest results have been achieved, the research community is divided on how current strategies actually work.

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